Copier/Duplicator Guidelines

  • The following guidelines are recommended for efficient operation of your copiers and duplicators:
    • Key Operators
    • Training For All Users
    • Copier vs. Duplicators
    • Handling of Copiers / Duplicators
    • When To Call For Service

    Key Operators

    Every Site and Department should have a minimum of one KEY OPERATOR, preferably two. A key operator should be someone who can be available when a problem arises with a machine. This person should be fully trained on the operation of the machines they are listed as key operators.

    Training For All Users

    In order to maximize the capabilities of each machine, all users should be trained on the proper use of each machine they have access to at each site or department.

    Copiers vs. Duplicators

    The monthly maximum copies allowed for a particular model copier should not be exceeded. If you do not know your monthly maximum copy allowance, please contact the Purchasing Department at 231-1190. Copiers should be used for quantities up to 50 copies, and when collating (if equipped) is required. To maximize the life of a copier it is recommended to spread out the work among several copiers.

    Duplicators should be used when the copy needs exceed 50 (single) copies or more. It is more economical to utilize a duplicator when the need for copying exceeds 50 copies. A duplicator has a longer life expectancy than a copier.

    Handling of Copiers / Duplicators

    Copiers and Duplicators are sensitive electronic pieces of equipment. Forcing, slamming lids and doors will only damage and shorten the life of the machine. Call for service when the key operator is unable to resolve a problem. Do not attempt to resolve a problem with a machine if you are not trained to do so. Proper care in using the copier will extend the life of the copier and duplicator.

    When To Call For Service

    Please refer to Section P-017 of the Purchasing Department procedures when needing servicing on your copiers and duplicators. You may call for service at 307-7875 when the key operator is unable to resolve an existing problem with your machine. Trying to repair a problem when not properly trained may result in damage to your copier.