Becoming a Student Board Trustee

  • ASC  Election & Selection Process

    1. Talk to your principal to find out when the Next Site All Student Congress (ASC) nomination process will take place. (This typically happens in September)
    2. Get nominated by your school to be the ASC site representative. 
    3. As an ASC member: Inform the current Student Trustee’s that you would like to run in the upcoming election for Student Board Trustee (This typically happens in May)
    4. Submit your nomination video and other requested documents to the current Student Trustees / Selection committee. 
    5. Encourage students to vote for you and wait for the results.   

    The All Student Congress is a group of representatives from all Middle and High Schools in WCCUSD.

    Sites will develop a process to recruit, select and elect two students. Each Secondary site will nominate at least two students to represent their site at the All Students congress. 

    The selection process must target current Sophomores or juniors, this will allow students to continue as members of the ASC the following year. 

    Only current members of the ASC will be eligible to be candidates to run for a  Student Trustee Board positions. 

    Through an election process, the ASC will select four students annually to serve on the School Board as Trustees for the following school year.   

    Of the four students elected, the ASC will determine which two students will serve on the Board for the Fall and then the Spring.

Student Trustees