Facebook Live Information Session Questions

  • Do parents have to register their children every single week through the LSA application?

  • When registering online for a test, do I create an account with the students name or the parents name? Also, what is the circle for? Does it mean other members of the family can get tested?

  • Is the antigen testing used by LSA a nasal swab and not a cheek swab?

  • What is the benefit of creating and completing an online profile? Is it necessary to complete the consent form?

  • How can students keep up with classes while in quarantine?

  • How are testing spots being allocated?

  • What is modified quarantine and why is the district no longer considering it?

  • I never received the results for my son's test on Friday from Predicine. With this new company, will we be able to receive the test results and how?

  • A close contact is defined as 0-6 feet of distance or more than 15 minutes. Does that mean that we have to wear the mask? Is it masked or unmasked?

  • If I have questions for LSA during off hours, how can we contact?

  • Can we get information on how many students per school are being tested?

  • Are PCR tests offered through the district or only antigen? If there’s a positive antigen test is there a possibility of an immediate retest?

  • Can children test weekly even if they are not exposed?

  • Once someone tests positive, how long before they have a confirmatory PCR result - and is that student quarantined during that time? And how long does it take before contacts are identified and contacted?

  • How does a middle school close a classroom when students rotate between periods, i.e, Soskin Middle?

  • If a student is in quarantine or modified quarantine- how does that work siblings?

  • How is it determined which children in the room are quarantined? We have had very interesting and odd configurations of students quarantined based on the seating charts.

  • Why is it only 86% of staff reporting vaccination status? How is this not 100% reporting their vaccination status?

  • Is it possible to include, in the dashboard, a metric on the % or # of students tested? Without this we can't tell if there are more cases or just more testing

  • On any given day, most schools aren't tested... could there be an indicator of which schools are actually represented on a given day - because otherwise it's unclear if a 0 means zero cases or that the school wasn't tested

  • If the rapid tests are just nasal swabs, what happens to the preschoolers or little ones who are not able to do the nasal swab? I should also mention the SPED population? What are the options? What’s on the swab ?

  • Is the COVID-19 test going to be mandatory or you have options?

  • When there is a positive case in a classroom, the close contacts must do home quarantine and test. Why is the whole class not mandated to be tested? This seems very unsafe for the school community.

  • When will I know if my son can go to school tomorrow, as he was possibly “exposed”? though it also may be a false positive case, waiting on PCR test of person.

  • I filled out form for new company, received confirmed appt. neither of my kids were called out… how can I guarantee they are tested?

  • When a student tests positive for COVID and has been to school, how does contact tracing determine who else should be quarantined? Especially, since many of the classrooms are small with poor air circulation!

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