• West Contra Costa Unified School District (District) has developed this Bond Program Management Plan (Plan) for use in administering the District’s Bond Program (Program). The purpose of this Plan is to document the internal controls that properly implement the District’s policies, safeguard its assets, provide compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, and produce timely and accurate financial information.

    We believe the strength of the Plan lies in the ability to implement the Plan. Therefore, this Bond Program Management Plan is a living document that is intended to be updated and refined over time to reflect emerging decisions, improvements, and best practices needed to guide the program. The District will continue to encourage suggestions for revisions, additions, and modifications via email to our general mailbox: askfacilities@wccusd.net


    Bond Program Management Plan, dated May 14, 2021

    Bond Program Management Plan Appendices, dated May 14, 2021



Facilities Committee Updates

  • The District desires to publish a collaborative and comprehensive Bond Program Management Plan. Written suggestions for revisions, additions, and improvements are encouraged and may be submitted using the google form. We appreciate your time and continued support of the Program.  Together we do better! Please send an email to 




Draft BPMP Section