• The Bond Program Management Plan ("BPMP") is a compilation of policies and procedures into one document to ensure effective controls. This Bond Program Management Plan is a living document that is intended to be revised and refined over time to reflect emerging decisions, improvements, and best practices needed to guide the program. 


    Final Draft Bond Program Management Plan, dated September 25, 2020


Facilities Committee Updates

CBOC Updates

  • The District desires to publish a collaborative and comprehensive Bond Program Management Plan. To that end, the District intends to release the draft working section and an appendix for the following areas: Program & Operations, Administration, Project Management, and Fiscal. After publishing each section, the District will open a 30-day public comment window for suggestions.  Written suggestions for revisions, additions, and improvements are encouraged and may be submitted using the google form. If you would like to be notified via email when a section is published online, please send a request via email to facilitiesplanning@wccusd.net. We appreciate your time and continued support of the Program.  Together we do better!


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Draft BPMP Section