Social Work Services

  • Several factors affect a student’s performance in school, such as emotional, medical, academic, financial and social issues.  The social worker’s role is to support the student and their family identify factors that are barriers to success. The social worker works alongside the student and family to develop a plan to access resources to maximize success at school.  Areas of support are to improve attendance rates, enhance student engagement, and reduce chronic absenteeism and truancy.

    The social worker can provide the following services:

    • Assessment
    • Case Management
    • Linkage to Community Resources
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Short-term individual and/or family counseling
    • Emotional regulation and social skills groups


    WCCUSD students are eligible for services at no cost.

    Appointments and Consultations:

    Please contact Arlene Ganir-Martinez, LCSW via phone at (510) 231-1100 ext. 23310 or email at