• Secondary course submissions to UC for A-G approval are overseen by the District Alignment Team. The Alignment Team meets monthly to review potential new courses in order to ensure they are aligned with UC content requirements and district goals for College and Career Readiness. Additionally, team members are available to support sites in the process of determining course feasibility and navigating the submission process through both the district and the UC Course Management Portal (CMP). 



    UC-CMP submissions: Sherri Rivenbark

    PowerSchool representative: Kim Chamberlain

    Library Services representative: Francie Kunaniec, Supervisor
    Education Services 
    Sonja Neely-Johnson, Associate Superintendent Chief Academic Officer

    College & Career Readiness representatives:
    Dr. Allison Huie, Director
    Jessica Petrilli, A-G Improvement Coordinator
    Ariel Kirshenbaum, Career Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator
    Karina Ponce, Lead Counselor
    Chris Read, Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)Coordinator
    Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment:
    Gabriel Chilcott, Director 
    Sonja Bell, Director
    John Iwawaki, Science & Engineering Coordinator
    Mark Lobaco, Math Coordinator

    English Learner and Multilingual Achievement representative:
    Esaul Orozco, Director
    Special Education representative:
    Chavon Pangilinan-Green, Director of Secondary
    Human Resources representative:
         Dr. Sylvia Greenwood, Director 
        Maria Infante, Credential technician

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