• AP Course Audit

    Director: Sonja Neely Johnson

    Program Assistant: Cheryl Noland

    Phone: 510-307-7864


    Submission of AP courses to College Board must be completed by October 15, 2017 (see full 2017-18 calendar here).

    • Site AP Course Audit administrator: log in to the AP Course Audit website http://www.collegeboard.com/apcourseaudit
    • Double check against master schedule to make sure all AP courses are accounted for and reauthorized in the AP Course Audit website.
      • Reauthorize courses for teachers who are teaching the same AP course as last year.
      • New AP teachers or teachers teaching a new AP course will need to submit a Course Audit Form and Syllabus. It can take several weeks for a syllabus to be approved, so the document needs to be submitted as soon as possible in case revisions are necessary prior to authorization. We highly recommend that teachers submit a College Board approved sample syllabus. 
    • Review Course Audit Forms to ensure completeness and accuracy for teachers teaching a new course, new to the site, or those who need to submit a revised syllabus.
    • Make sure that teachers no longer at your site or who are no longer teaching AP classes at your site have their course authorizations removed.