• Advanced Placement Course Audit

    • Director: Renee Lama (llama@wccusd.net; 510-307-7864)
    • Program Assistant: Cheryl Noland (cnoland@wccusd.net; 510-307-7864)

    • Preferred deadline for submission of AP courses to College Board for authorization: October 1
    • Absolute deadline for submission: January 31.  (full calendar here)

    PLEASE NOTE: AP courses that are new to your site must also be submitted to UC for A-G approval.  The UC course submission deadline of September 15, 2019 must be met.  UC requires an authorized syllabus number from College Board to approve the course.

    AP Course Audit website: http://www.collegeboard.com/apcourseaudit

    Check-list for AP Course Audit Process:

    1. Starting May 20, 2019:
      • Teachers: 
        • Create or sign into College Board account
        • Complete a Course Audit Form
        • Submit a Syllabus. Authorization can take several weeks; early submission allows for revisions if needed so that the appropriate deadline is met. Already authorized sample syllabi are available to model after or for upload and submission.
      • Site AP Administrators:
        • Support AP teachers in completing syllabus submissions
        • Approve Course Audit Forms completed by AP teachers
        • Renew previously authorized courses for the 2019-20 school year (same course/same teacher)
        • Remove authorizations for teachers no longer at your site or no longer teaching AP
    2. Beginning of school year: Cross-reference master schedule with AP course audit list to make sure all AP courses are accounted for and authorized
    3. October 1, 2019: Preferred submission and renewal deadline for AP courses
    4. January 31, 2020: Final deadline for all AP course submissions/renewals for current school year