• Richmond High School

    Special Education Department

    The Special Education Department at Richmond High offers 3 types of academic programs.  We have:  ESN, MMSN, and Resource programs to to meet the needs of all students.

    The Exceptional Special Needs community (ESN) students learn with real life experiences like:  job training, transportation, health, cooking, and independent living skills.  The ESN students earn a Certificate of Completion, walk the stage of graduation and then go on to receive educational support until the age of 22 up at the Transition Learning Center.

    The Mild Moderate Special Needs (MMSN) students are working toward a Certificate of Completion.  These students take academic courses taught in our department which has rooms sprinkled throughout the campus.  We encourage our MMSN students to take General Education courses in areas of interest and to participate in Academy field trips or productions whenever possible.  We have a vocational program where students are being taught job skills.  The MMSN students will go from the graduation stage of RHS to the Transition Program for classes at CCC with support or job training until the age of 22.

    The Resource program provides academic support to students with learning differences to succeed in A-G courses offered at RHS.  A-G courses are college preparatory courses approved of by the CSU/UC systems.  RSP students are enrolled in one of 4 Academies @ RHS. 

    • Law 
    • Health 
    • Media
    • Engineering