• Here at Richmond High, we have wonderful teachers who are not only passionate about teaching Math but, are helping their students understand the subject and become college ready. Although each course has a different curriculum, Richmond High Math teachers are assuring they provide the help needed in order for the students to be successful. Almost every teacher in the Math Department offers tutoring and extra credit work. These dedicated teachers, expect their students to be on task and prepared every day.

    The Math department meets every Wednesday to collaborate, share ideas, discuss ways to improve their teaching skills, and improve their interaction with the students. In these meetings they discuss all academic work and discuss issues they might have with their students and see if they can reach out to them together.  

    The Department Chair for Math is Ms. Calderon. Within WCCUSD, math has a unique requirement that all students must pass their classes with a C- or above in order to move onto the next progression. Also, Richmond High starts off all Freshmen in Geometry their first year, not in Algebra I. We do this because we feel our students will be successful taking a break from Algebra, which is the primary class taken in Middle School, for a new type of math. Students will then take Algebra in their Sophomore year.

    In 9th grade students take Algebra 1, then if they receive a C- or higher, they will move on to Geometry. Other classes may include:

    Algebra II/Trigonometry - Trigonometry is a part of elementary mathematics dealing with angles, triangles and trigonometric functions. 

    Pre-Calculus - Calculus is a branch of mathematics which helps us understand changes between values that are related by a function.

    Probability and Statistics - Statistics is the science of data. It enables the collection, analysis, understanding, and presentation of data. It helps in the study of many other fields, such as medicine, economics, psychology, and marketing.

    Our site also offers AP Statistics, and AP Calculus for students looking for college credit.