• December 2020: Check out this awesome opportunity for parents at our school to learn to advocate for their school and community!


    Parent Groups for 2019 are:

    -Parent Association - This group is open to all parents. These meetings are workshops to inform parents of events and issues at Richmond High. Our goal is to teach our parents how to support their children academically, and frame our goals for what success looks like at our school. Next meeting is February 7th at 630pm.

    -African American Site Advisory Team - This group focuses on how we can better support our African American students on campus both academically and socially, while addressing the achievement gap. Next meeting is Februay 13th at 630pm.

    Currently Richmond High School has a few goals for the 2018-2019 school year in regards to parent involvement. Last year we saw the beginnig of the first Parent, Teacher, Student, Association (PTSA) start but was unable to sustain. We also saw a successful African American Parent Organization have successful meetings, school walkthroughs, and give meaningful feedback to our school.

    Richmond High wants parents to get involved with our school. If you are looking to volunteer at our school, please contact our front office and administrators. We are in the process of building a Parent Calendar on the website of upcoming events and ways to get involved.

    While many parents are willing to sign up, your presence on site and at meetings is the most helpful and will drive our school and community to improve. In the coming weeks, look for this page to update with dates and meeting times for parents to get invovled. Please also listen for automated phone calls home, and online calendar dates as ways you too can be a part of Richmond High School.