• Oiler Crew is an organization at Richmond High School where students participate in school events and guide Freshmen throughout their first year of high school. Oiler Crew leaders help their freshman get out of their comfort zone and realize how important school is. They support them and meet with them as a Mentor, Tutor and a friend. Any help students need, their 'links' will always be there to assist and help. Oiler Leaders are always active to help out their Freshman succeed in school. Whether it has to do with their classes, friends, or family, their Oiler Crew Leaders are there for them. 

    To apply for Oiler Crew as a leader, you must submit an application in the spring as a Sohpomore or Junior. All Freshmen get to participate in Oiler Crew. The #1 quality that we look for to be a Oiler Crew member, is kindness. We recognize that our Freshmen are the future of our school, and of our community. We love our Freshmen, and want them to have the confidence and safety to continue to move Richmond forward. Go Team!


  •  Watch the video of our Freshmen Orientation from 2016-2017 here! This orientation takes place on the first day of school.