• English Language Arts is a corner stone for education at Richmond High School. It is well known that being able to read, write, and critically think regarding complex ideas allows anyone to learn anything. Our ELA teachers work incredibly hard at putting together a curriculum that will stimulate students' in their abilities throughout their four years at Richmond. 

    The Department is chaired by Ms. Lucas. Under the new Common Core State Standards, English classes focus on learning skills in the classroom that assist our students in reading at various levels, and multiple writing styles. The ELA department collaborates together, and with help from our textbook and library staff, provides current and relevant materials for our students to interact and learn from.

    English Courses

    English 1 - Freshmen

    English 2 - Sophmores

    English 3 - Juniors 

    English 3 Advanced - Juniors

    English 4/CSU Expository Reading and Writing - Seniors                      

    AP Literature - Juniors

    AP Language - Seniors