• Richmond High School is proud to support a fully functioning music program and marching band. RHS owes this progress to both the students who have committed themselves to the program, and a big thanks Music Department Director Mr. Wilke and his hard efforts to build a program out of nothing. The band performed at many school events this past school year such as rallies and all of the home football games, the El Sobrante Stroll, and the Richmond City Cinco de Mayo Parade. A huge thank you goes out to the anonymous donor who provided the band with all new instruments in 2017 to jump start the program! It started with about 10 people and a bunch of old instruments from the 1970s; since last year the RHS Oilers Marching Band has grown to more than 35 members and continues to build through Helms Middle School!


  • Richmond High School's Symphonic band class is an advanced class that commences 7th period directly after the regular schedual bell.


  • RHS marching band season starts again at the beginning of next years Football Season! 


  • Jazz Band is a very advanced class for students with high abilities in their instruments. At the moment, Jazz Band starts (a)period before the first bell at 7:15am.