Our counselors at Richmond High are Christina Rios (LAW/MMSN), Krista Jann (College and Career), Damaris Franco (Multimedia), Ivan Garcia (Internationals), Alejandro Gonzalez (EPA), and Jessica Calderon (Health).

    The two biggest groups that our counselors target are our Freshmen and our Seniors. Throughout one school year, our counselors will visit and speak with every students from each of those classes. On top of that, all of our counselors will visit the classrooms of all students to discuss courses to achieve A-G requirements (for college) and how to prepare for career readiness. Our counselors work closely with the College & Career Center to ensure that all students have a chance to map their own course in preparation for their future.

    What are ways you can help your student and our resources?

    -Schedule at least one meeting a year with a parent and a student to review progress, grades, and real conversations about how to prepare for life after high school

    -Check your student's progress on PowerSchool; a poor grade is a cry for help and attention, ask them about the grades and don't accept simple answers

    -Come to parent nights; ie Back to School or Open House. All of our teachers and Counselors are available and can help you schedule a meeting

    -Use this website to learn more about the California Education system. We know that it can be confusing for first generation students and families, but we are here to help. Please ask questions and feel free to start with, "How can I get my student into College?" 

    Ask questions; ask questions to everyone, your student, their teacher, the front office, and administration. As a parent, this will help to support your student's journey through High School.