• Welcome to our African American Site Advisory Group. This group has been created at Richmond High in 2019-2020 to support our African American community on our campus. Members of the group include 

    Michael Hatcher - Discipline/Behavior and Assistant Principal

    Maya Brown - Academic Advisor and Counselor


    The goals of the group include:

    • Improve the academic outcomes for African-American students by providing families with information about their student's academic achievement and cognitive development. This includes identifying a student's individual needs by reviewing test scores and grades and developing achievable goals and creating a plan of action for their personal success.
    • Increase the engagement of African-American families, by developing programs and activities these families are interested in participating in.
    • Support school staff in addressing the cultural needs of African-American students, using direct feedback from parents and families.
    • Advise the school on how communication and outreach efforts of the school are working and what can be improved.
    • Advocate for programs and services that will increase African-American students' preparation for college and career, such as an after-school tutoring group, African-American career day, parent support groups, workshops on how parents can best support their students at home, and resources and referrals for academic and social support.