• Richmond High School opened on August 5, 1907, in a two room building on Standard Avenue with 36 students and three teachers, one principal and one supervising principal.  In 1908 a new building was erected on 23rd Street near Macdonald Avenue at a cost of $85,000. Its attendance area covered 68 square miles. On August 13, 1928, with 859 students, Richmond High School opened at its present location.   The building had two main features: a tower that resembled the tower at the University of California and the “rock,” the symbol of the school’s strong foundation. It was the only high school for students from five surrounding cities and five unincorporated areas.  In the 60’s the old building was deemed unsafe, so the students and staff were relocated to two different campuses for a few years until the new school was completed on the same site. It reopened in 1969 without a tower but with the “rock” in place. Since its reopening in 1969 the building has undergone some interior changes to the main building as teachers felt they could not teach in an open court situation.  Walls have been added to divide large spaces into contained classrooms. Currently, Richmond High School is one of six comprehensive high schools and serves the students of the inner city of Richmond and San Pablo. The boundaries of the attendance area are rather complex but includes half of North Richmond, south of Parr Blvd and across town to include a portion of the Iron Triangle.


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