• Welcome to Student Leadership and Government! At Richmond High School we embrace the ideals of Democracy and student voice in a variety of ways, and through Leadership, you can impact the school culture too. We hold elections for positions, and Leadership functions as the voice of the school. Students represent on the School Site Council, at Youth Commission, organize student rallies, and collaborate on the dances, including Homecoming and Prom. Join Leadership, and become a part of something bigger than yourself.  

    Each class, Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior are each represented by these specific offices:

    President - In charge of the big picture, and has the ideas of where they want to take the class, and what they want to do.

    Vice-Preisdent - This person works on the details, they help to bring the President's ideas to life and helps to manage the team.

    Treasurer - Student's work cloesely to design fundraisers for dances and events, as well as work with our school cashier to learn how to budget.

    Secretary - This job is the scribe, they work to document and record all of the events happening, and the meetings they are present at. If it wasn't for this person, nothing would get done.

    Independents - Depending on the grade level, each class is able to bring in "independents", who are non-elected students who want to help the Leadership team. They are support.


    The Associated Student Body is responsible for the whole school. They do not belong to any class, and are there to make sure that everyone is working together. They emobdy the Richmond Oiler spirit, are the embassadors of the school, and require two previous years of leadership experience to run for this position. It is not an easy job, but there is a reason why students want these spots; it builds something greater than yourself. 

    Positions include ASB President, ASB Vice-President, ASB Treasurer, and ASB Secretary.

    Instead of "independents", those who wish to help ASB, jobs may include;

    Director of Clubs - Organize all of the club paperwork and make sure clubs are active

    Director of Athletics - Go to sporting events, and record details to report

    Director of Spirit - In charge of making sure all classes are participating, and getting loud!

    Director of Activities - Makes sure that weekly, the school has events that are fun

    Director of Publicity - This student works to positively promote the school and it's students

    Together, Leadership is the pulse of the school, and is in charge that all students know what is happening, and that we all feel the Oiler Spirit. If you are interested in joining, please contact our Leadership Advisor Ms. Barragan or Administrator Luis Chacon.