• Social Studies, led my Mr. Hastings as department chair, comprises the study of society. In these classes, students will learn how to read primary surces from across thousands of years, read social graphs, analyze political cartoons, and write original ideas using evidence. Our current political climate renders this department very imortant in developing our student's identity as a citizen and contributor, but also as a person who must make logical decisions based on facts and evidence. 

    Courses avaialble include:

    9th Grade

    Intro to Law and Justice - Available to only Law Academy Students - Students learn basic fundamentals of law in the United States and examine real life court cases as they happen.

    Cultural Geography - This course takes students on a survey trip around the world learning about different cultures.

    AP Human Geography - One of the only schools that offers AP at the Freshmen level, this course teaches the basic social science skills at a college level while studying human migratory patterns for the past 20,000 years.

    10th Grade

    World History - Students learn about the start of the Industrial Age and the lasting impact of Imperialism on our society today.

    AP World History - Students take a college level course that covers all of human history. AP is not for smart students, but for hard workers. 

    11th Grade

    US History - Students learn the foundations of the United States through politics, culture, wars and post-modernism.

    AP US History - Students learn indepth knowledge in this fast-paced, college level course.

    12th Grade

    Economics - Students will take a course on how money works in avariety of systems from around the world.

    Us Government - Students will learn the foundations, contradictions, and complexities of a democracy inside a republic. 

    We also offer AP Macro-Economics, AP Micro-Economics, and AP Government.