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  • Back to School Night is September 27th, 530pm - 8pm

    Parents make our school strong!

  •   RHS Weekly What’s-Up

    September 17th - September 21st 2018



    9am - Latino Center Group in Community Room

    345pm - RHS Admin & UTR Rep Collaboration

    530pm - Girls Volleyball @ Madison Park Academy



    930am - 2nd Period Lock Down Drill

    10am - SCOW Committee Meeting

    335pm - CIR in Library

    330pm - GTennis @ Vallejo

    530pm - GVolleyball @ Vallejo High



    Throughout the Day - CIS 5-7 Min Presentations - Optional

    230pm - Alma Latina Ballet in Community Room

    230pm - Department Collaboration



    College Information Day

    AP/VP Meeting - Reyes, Hatcher and Hillyer out until Noon

    335pm - CIR in the Library

    335pm - GTennis @ Jesse Bethel

    335pm - School Climate Committee in Rm. 607

    530pm - GVolleyball vs. John Swett



    Field Trip: Oiler Crew

    530pm - GVolleyball vs. Leadership

    430pmJV/7pm Varsity - RHS Football @ Bethel

    Saturday & Sunday

    9/22 & 9/23

    Saturday School from 8am - Noon - School will be open until noon for teachers to come in and work if desired.

    Progress reports due Monday

    Instructional Highlight!

    Movies - Videos: Teachers, please review your systems for showing movies in class. The school culture at Richmond High involving feature length films is that there must be a literacy component, some lesson objective to the film, and a way to monitor student engagement. Film can be a powerful tool in classes, but our expectations are that films are done in short, 5-7 minute clips, and used to specifically demonstrate an idea, a cinematic theme or sequence, or is tied closely to the lesson defined in the unit.

    Admin and coaches are happy to review best practices involving film in the classroom, but 2 hours dedicated to a film during instructional time can be better used to support our students.

    Progress Reports due Monday- It’s important that we communicate to our students grades now, and give them an opportunity to improve or work on their grades. Make sure grades are updated this week, that students understand the cause and effect of their grades. Anticipate questions students might have in regards like:

    Do you take late work?

    I turned that in already.

    Can I fix it and resubmit?

    Do you have a system for students so that you know that they know, their grade?

    New teachers and returning teachers, all grade of a D or F must have a comment attached to it,.

    Planning on a project or lesson that requires purchasing materials? Apply for a Chevron/ Donors Choose grant today. Learn more about this opportunity by visiting:

    RHS has renewed our contract with Newsela to promote more nonfiction reading in our classrooms. Teachers should complete the required Newsela professional learning after they create account. To complete, watch two videos using this link: This takes less than 10 minutes to complete and sets you up for success.


    I thought it would be worth the digital ink to let you know how great an addition to the math department Andre has been. He led a great new ‘group-test’ technique in my class today and it taught me a lot about how add new engagement elements to my teaching. We also had a rich exchange on how getting the kids engaged in the math conversations that happened is as important (sometimes more) as getting the correct answers – information to spiral back to and formative assessment data. I’d like to give Andre a shout-out in the next weekly blast.

    Dejoya and Bankole- for taking on a math class! We appreciate you!

    Ms. Wysinger and Mr. Gonzalez for helping us put on an amazing rally for the students on Friday. The kids also did a great job too. We are feeling the spirit!

    Thank you Oiler Crew - Sciacca, Valenzuela, Chacon and Vander Laarschot for all your help in putting on tailgate. Thank you to Coach Collins for being the voice of Richmond High Football! The game was a lot of fun for our school.

  • We are welcoming our after-school program to Richmond High for the next 5 years. As part of the program, we need students to participate in a number of programs. These include band, open gym before and after school, tutoring, Majorettes (dance crew), choir, theater/drama, Alma Latina and more. Check out here for the new tutoring schedule! For more information, check out our After-School page to contact the coordinator.

    College is Real, a program at Richmond High School that has been changing lives since 2005, has recently received attention and notice for their amazing work. They are a part of our College and Career Center and work to help students learn about and apply for college. Check out this video showcasing the adults and mentors who work hard to make a difference for our community alongside our amazing staff at Richmond High.

    We love having volunteers come with us to field trips, help support in the classrooms, and be a mentor to our students. Please join us for a Fingerprint party to get screened for free and receive your volunteer badge. Find the dates on this flyer (in Spanish too!).


    This summer Richmond High, through our Summer Bridge Program, welcomed rising Freshmen to come in and learn High School skills to prepare for the upcoming year. Great job students in putting in that extra work, we can't wait to get to know you over the next 4 years!


    Over the summer Richmond High is continuing to offer educational opportunities through our Newcomer Summer Enrichment Program. This week our students went to Univision Television Studio in San Francisco! Check out our page on summer programs to find out how you can get involved!


    We cannot contain our excitement at the success of our Seniors this year! Over 90 students going to 4-year colleges? That deserves some celebration! Keep up the work, we are so proud of all of your success, and will be here to continue to support your efforts.

    What's happening at Richmond High this summer? Click here!

    Check out our awesome RHS Weekly Video Announcement - 5/14/2018

    Did you miss the Richmond High KQED take-over from April 27th? Nope! Cause all of the links can be found right here. Take a listen to the stories of our very own students.

    CA Report       Article on the Take-over

    Didn't receive a Summer School Application? Download one here to turn in!

    This handout will give you an idea for our Academic Updates for this coming Spring/Summer of 2018.


    English         Spanish


    Congratulations to Kephra and Jesse for their article on their perserverance towards college. 

    Senior Contracts - Our school is asking our amazing seniors to commit to excellence for the last 5 months of school leading to graduation. All seniors must have this contract signed by student and parent to participate in graduation and senior activities. Please have it completed and submitted to the office by 1/22/2018.

    Check out this piece of local news on one of our own soccer players at Richmond High! 

    Our students have been hard at work on their e-Bike project with UC Berkeley! Check out this video to see how our young engineers work side by side with college students. 

    Recently we had a film crew come to Richmond High to go into one of our classrooms to observe lessons by our awesome teachers. Please read the article and view the video to see how we put student's first at Richmond High!

    Richmond High MultiMedia Academy has been hard at work creating their blog called Humans of Richmond. check it out to get to know our students a litte more. 




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  • A lucky group of RHS students had the honor of seeing Hamilton live!

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  • Richmond High Band at the Cinco De Mayo festivites

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