•  1. How can my kid get extra help?

       A. Our school offers tutoring from each teacher and opportunities for students and families to meet with counselors. 

    2. Do I need a pass or sign in to enter the school?

       A. ALL visitors must check in the main office. Please let the office staff know why you are here and who you need to see, they will give you a visitor pass. 

    3.When does school start and end?

       A. You can find the new distance learning schedule for the 2022-2023 school year here. The main office is open for visitors (while maintaining social distancing) from Monday to Thursday from 10am - 2pm. These times may change due to COVID so feel free to call at 510-231-1450 or email us at AskRHS@wccusd.net

    4. What is the school's tardy policy? 

       A. During passing period, all students receive a warning bell before the final bell rings. The warning bell gives students one more minute to get to class. When the last bell rings, teachers are instructed to close and lock doors. Students who are still in the hallways will receive a tardy pass resulting in a detention.

    5. What is the phone policy?

       A. The district policy is that phones are not sanctioned by the school district. This means that in each classroom, phone use is at the discretion of the teacher. The school, district, and teacher is not liable for the loss or theft of any cellular device brought on campus. 

    6. Can my students purchase food off campus/leave campus?

       A.  No, for the safety of our students, We are a closed campus, which means the student may not leave campus without their parents' permission. This also means that the office staff must speak to the students legal guardian before giving the student a pass to leave campus. We understand that the student may not like the school provided lunches so we do welcome the student to bring lunch from home before arriving to school. Lunches brought in by a relative during school hours is not permitted unless there is a medical note on file. 

    7. What's the early dismissal policy?

     Our students safety is our top priority, if the student needs to leave early for an appointment, please call our attendance office at 510-231-1450 ext 27710 or the main office by clicking 0. If the student takes it upon himself/herself the student will not be excused to the remaining classes and therefore will be marked "U" for unexcused or "C" for cutting. 

    8.  What is the attendance policy?

    1. If the student is going to be late because of a medical appointment, the students legal guardian must call the school to let us know he/she will be late. When the student arrives to school he/she will be given a pass and excused from the class they missed. (Please bring in the doctors note or email it to our attendance office or askrhs@wccusd.net)
    2. If the student is going to be absent due to an appointment or illness, the legal gaurdians responsibility is to call the attendance office and let her know the reason and date the student will be coming back (not to exceed 5 days) if the student misses 5 consecutive days, the student is required to bring in a doctor's note. 
    3. For more information on the attendance policy, please contact our attendance clerk.