• The Physical Education (PE) Department at Richmond High has been going through some changes lately, starting with the appointment of the department chair since 2017; Jeffrey Jaymot. PE is a requirement to graduate from WCCUSD and Richmond High School. Students must get dressed in their PE uniforms as part of that grade, and must participate in the units taught.

    Our PE area is the largest classrooms on site, and includes a main gym, a weight room, a full soccer/football field, tennis courts, and a dance studio/small gym. The PE department offers several different classes to acquire your credits. We have regular PE, where you will learn a variety of different sports, skills, and information on nutrition.

    Weight Training is also available, where students learn how to monitor their growth while building strength in our weight room.

    Jazz Dance 1 and 2 is also available. The dance program is responsible for putting on several performances throughout the school year.