• The English Language Development program will be going through some changes this year, as Richmond High will be adopting the International's School program. Many of our ELD students will be in classes as part of that program, but our ELD teachers will continue to colaborate and meet together.

    Part of the ELD program's goals is the help our students learn and use English, and become proficient in their abilities. Our ELD teachers are English teachers, and assist our students improve their abilities in literacy, which supports them in all of their classes. Our Grad Tutors at Richmond High support both the students and teachers in the ELD program improve. As students learn and test higher, they are able to matriculate into full time English classes.

    This year our ELD teachers will include Ms. Bamra, Ms. Schmaltz, and Mr. Gonzalez. The grad tutors supporting our teachers will be Ivan Rodriguz, Johanna Pudlido, Erick Gutirruez, Victor Franco, and Ms. Rosa. During class students are able to connect with one another and help each other speak, write, and read English.