BSU stands for Black Student Union. This club meets every Wednesday during lunch in room 653 and teaches students to be student representatives at Richmond High. In this outstanding club there is approximately 87 Black and African American students and 6 teachers that run the club. BSU provides students with a sense of academic excellence, community support, and even reminds them that they are not alone. Students are also provided with resources to help them access family support, and to develop a sense of pride. During meetings, they discuss the positive outcomes they want for their lives. This club also has events that help those in need, such as, the "Season of Giving" held on December 17,2015.


    "BSU has really taught me about success and has pushed me to pursue my education."
    -Emmanuel Adarkwah

    "BSU empowered me because it put me in an area were I am surrounded with like minded people. It also proved me with a safe space for me and other students."
    -Tyler Devin Willaims

    "I learned that being proud of my skin is the best accomplishment. I have found the motivation to get to where I want to be."
    -Sherria Maryan

    "BSU has motivated to become who I truly am. It has helped me with public speaking, allowing me to voice my opinion."
    -Alonzo Harden

    "This has helped me find who I am. It has made me realize what I am capable of"
    -Kimberly James

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