Richmond High's Black Student Union 

    The Black Student Union (BSU) seeks to show the culture and pride of African American and African culture in the United States to the community of Richmond and Richmond High School. Through beautiful dances, amazing field trips, and countless other experiences  the Black Student Union of Richmond High helps students affiliated with it to better themselves, not only academically, but as people as well. The goal of the Black Student Union is to help their students succeed in every aspect of life and to engage the Black community in Richmond through events, workshops, and seminars that'll better the students in BSU as a people.  


    My name is Demnlus Johnson III. I am the School Community Worker at Richmond High School. I am your direct link to campus and all things Richmond High and WCCUSD. I would like to extend an invite for you to visit my office anytime, no appointment required.

    In an continued effort to make our students college and career ready we are creating partnerships with local tutoring agencies, college representatives, and local unions. To ensure our students meet the A-G requirements we will continue with our 2-2-2 Plan.The 2-2-2 Plan is attached to this letter please sign and return the second page. In an effort to create more opportunities for career bound students, we are currently in talks with local unions and city agencies to create a pipeline directly into trade unions.

    In the 2017-18 School year we will be working to establish our African American Parent Club. The purpose of the African American Parent Club will include, but isn’t limited to: establishing equal opportunity, fundraising, new facilities, and advising administration on how to improve campus conditions.

    We will also be continuing our African American Male Leadership Course, the Black Student Union, and Oiler Alumni Association. We are also introducing new programs such as: RHS Majorette Dance Squad, the African American Literature course, and the African American Female Leadership Course known as ‘Seat at the Table.’ Below is a chart listing the programs and important dates.

    Both Demnlus Johnson and Carolyn Wysinger can be reached by email, or through contact with the front office. We request that you ask for appointments ahead of time, and encourage participation in the many programs we have available at Richmond High School.

Mr. Johnson