• Classroom Expectations Flowchart

    At Richmond High it is important that our students receive behavioral interventions in the classroom. This is part of our PBIS model at school, which focuses on our pro-active and preventative methods in regards to student behavior and success. Our student intervention process is based on a tier system, meaning it is progressive in our actions.

    To see our intervention Tier process in the classroom, please see this document.

    When deciding how to help students in class, our staff reviews this sorting structure.

    If behavior continues with no effect after Tier 1 interventions, we will move into an academy intervention process/Kid Talk Protocol and Tier 2. This helps our teachers address issues as a team.

    When approaching Tier 3 in behavior, we may look into using our Community Based Organizations (CBO's) like Bay Area Peace Keepers, counseling in our Health Center, or Catholic Charity groups to assist students.

    Our school also has 504 meetings upon request.

    Academic and behavioral interventions include our Kid Talk Protocol, student check-ins, and parent/teacher conferences. If the student continues to need support, we also have the Student Success Teams (SST) that can assist in providing a plan for students struggling as well as the COST/CARE team that helps our students with accessing resources.

    What is the difference between an SST meeting and a COST/CARE meeting? - This is how we find extra resources for students to get them the support they need.

    Some common behavior that our teachers observe at our school and the interventions we share may include, but are not limited to:

    If you have questions on our process here at Richmond High, feel free to reach out to an administrator through the front office - 510-231-1450.