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    Richmond High's Law Academy has been around since the beginning of academies at the site, led by their fearless leader; Ms. Garcia. Ms. Garcia has been working to put their team together, which includes Mr. Hastings (History), Ms. Rosenbluth (Law Classes), and Mr. Wilson (English) and Mr. Mooney (CTE). This academy is for those seeking to understand our system of laws, social justice, and the precarious balance of ethics and rules. Be prepared to read, debate, join Mock Trial, and learn to cite evidence. 

    RHS Law 2022-2023 Course Progression

    9th Grade - Intro to Law, English 1, Biology

    10th Grade - Analytical Forensic Science, English 2, World History, Algebra I

    11th Grade - Law and Justice, English 3, US History, Spanish 3

    12th Grade - Jounrey for Justice, CSU Expository Reading, Economics/Government

    RHS Law: Study Trips by Year

    1. 9th Grade: Visit to Martinez Courts - see arraignment hearings, sit in on actual trials, meet judges, attorneys, clerks and bailiffs.
    2. 10th Grade: Visit to Richmond Police Department and Emergency Communication Center - see 911 operators taking emergency calls, watch K-9 unit take down a suspect, see city camera control room, visit jail, meet detectives, CSI technicians, motorcycle patrol.
    3. 11th Grade: Visit to District Court of Appeal (or San Quentin State Prison) - see attorneys argue appeals before three judges, meet the attorneys and judges (or visit high-security prison, walk the yard, tour the cells, meet prisoners and guards)
    4. 12th Grade: United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - see attorneys argue before judges, tour courtrooms, meet attorneys, clerks, judges and U.S. marshals.