• District Policy Regarding Tablets

    Stolen or lost tablet? Check out question #6 below!

    1. How does my student receive a tablet?

    In your packet at the start of the school year, you will have a form to sign for your student to receive a tablet. The program is an OPT-IN program, meaning you must sign the form for them to receive a tablet.

    2. It's the middle of the year, I don't remember if I signed that form, what do I do?

    Contact the front office, stop in, or have your student pick up a document for you to sign. Once signed, your student can pick up the tablet.

    3. I signed the paper, now what?

    During orientation (August 2nd-3rd, 2018), before school, at lunch, or after school, your student may stop by the textbook clerk in the back of the library. They will issue your student a tablet when they present the signed form.

    4. What does my student receive?

    Your student receives a tablet, and a charging cord. They may request a tablet cover.

    5. Can my student put stickers on the tablets?

    Students will have to remove all stickers when they turn in their tablets at the end of the year, but we encourage students to put nametags on their tablets. We will provide all students with one nametag. The tablets look alike, so please identify them so you don't lose them.

    6. What happens if they are lost or stolen?

    Student must report their tablet stolen within 1 week of the incident. Students will fill out a Stolen Tablet Form (on the front page of our website, under "Quick Links") and then file an online police report with Richmond Police Department. Once completed, they will be issued a new tablet.

    7. My student says they want to use their phone instead, what do I say?

    Teachers will require tablets this year. Students need to learn how to navigate desktop computers, use the programs that have been installed on the tablets, and be responsible with important equipment. It's an important lesson and part of our Citizenship Student Learning Objectives.

    8. What happens if it gets damaged or broken?

    Similar to cell phone policies, if it is determined to be an accident, (water damage, cracked screen, really slow) students will need to report it immediately and fill out a report. Some damages, if determined by the insurance company to be at the fault of the student, may incure a charge. 

    9. How much does it cost to replace?

    Each tablet costs up to $300, and charging cords are $30 each.

    Tips: Do not let students borrow or trade tablets, they may get lost.

    Check on your tablet frequently, don't let it sit for a month in a dark locker, it may dissappear.

    "Out of site, out of mind" - Don't leave the tablet sitting out for others to see and/or take. 

    Advice: In many jobs today, you are expected to know basic computer skills. To advance in any job, you will need to learn computer skills. Please see this as an opportunity to learn a new skill. No one can predict the future, or what each student may be doing in several years, but a strong trend is that computers are going to become an increasing part of our daily culture. This is a unique opportunity to take part in that.