• Danylle Miller

    1(A) Yearbook [P]
    2(A) Art of Video Production (ROP)
    4(A) Web Page Design 1.2 [DE]
    5(A) Art of Video Production (ROP)
    6(A) Digital Arts Designs the Web1 [P]
    7(A) Digital Arts Designs the Web1 [P]
    HR(A) Homeroom/Advisory

    Welcome to our new normal!

    I have a passion for learning, specifically e-learning, and I know that it will be a significant part of our future. I teach the technology classes: Yearbook, Video Production, Digital Arts Designs the Web1 and Web Page Design 1.2. These classes are meant to harness the power of digital design and video production in order to enhance ideas and communication. Students will use technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared video products, Yearbook spreads and pages, and websites.