• Welcome to the English Department!

    Our goal is to develop critical readers, writers, and thinkers who are able to comprehend, analyze, and respond to a text. We support our students to develop the skills and confidence to effectivley convey their ideas and experiences  through both verbal and written expression.

    We work collaboratively to horizontally and vertically align coursework. Each course is designed to increase rigor from one grade level to the next, while supporting and challenging students in acquiring new skills in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

    English Courses:

    Applied Research Methods (ARM)- 9th Grade Requirement

    English 1 - 9th Grade English

    English 2 - 10th Grade English

    CSU Expository Reading/Writing 11th Grade

    CSU Expository Reading/Writing 12th Grade

    English Language Development (ELD) I-V

    Literature of Identity and the Search for Social Justice

    Creative Writing 

    AP English Language and Composition

    AP English Literature and Composition


    David McDonald, Department Lead: English 2, CSU 12th

    Ashton: English 2, Yearbook, Video Production

    Bean: ELD 3A, 3B, 4

    Bing: CSU 11th, CSU 12th

    Deschenes: English 2, AP English Literature

    Gagnie:  English 1, Theater 1, 2 (Adv)

    Gailliard: Applied Research Methods (ARM), CSU 11th

    Hansen: ELD 2A, 2B, French 2, 3, 4

    Kaura: CSU 12th, AP English Language

    Rojas: ELD 1A, 1B, ARM, Literature of Identity and the Search for Social Justice

    Sussman: ARM, CSU 11th

    Werth: English 1, Literature of Identity and the Search for Social Justice

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