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  • Club Name President Advisor Meeting Times: Email 11/1/2016 Meeting
    Animal Liberation Club Katherine Cornejo Ms. Audet Tue @ Lunch in 5-108 cornejokat@gmail.com
    Anime Club Esther Hsu Mr. Chow Tue @ Lunch in 7-115 esther.hsu.dahs.2018@gmail.com y
    Baking Club Kailah Thomas Ms. Audet Wed @ Lunch Room 5-108 kailah.thomas.dahs.2018@gmail.com y
    BSU Mr. Edwards Missing Constitution/Budget y
    Chess Club Adrien Wagner Mr. Edwards/Mr.McDonald Mon/Fri @ Lunch 7-213 adrien.wagner.dahs.2017@gmail.com y
    Christian Club Yechan Lee TSGT. Dorman/ Ms.Bernido Mon/Wed @ Lunch 5-105 samuelee101@gmail.com y
    Cooking Club Anshley Chavarria Mr. Merdinger Tue Afterschool 340-6pm Rm 5-113 ashleychavarria37@gmail.com y
    DIY (Do It yourself)Club Ella Winchester Ms. Shetterly Fridays, Lunch Room 3-102 ella.winchester@dahs2019@gmail.com y
    Filipino Club Allysa Fabia Ms. Austria Wed & Fri @ Lunch in 7-119 ???
    Freedom of Movement Aliyaa Saephan Ms. Goodwin Tue, Thurs @ Lunch in Dance Studio alliyaa.saephan.dahs.2019@gmail.com y
    French Club Ana Ferreria Lima Mrs. Hansen Tue @ Lunch in Mr. Barrerras Room 7-113 anacaroline1999@live.com
    Girl Empowerment Club Emma Maloney Ms. Wengler Fridays at Lunch, Rm 7-120 emma.m.maloney@gmail.com
    GSA Hennah Vohra Ms.Shetterly Wed @ Lunch Room 3-102 hennah.vohra.dahs.2017@gmail.com y
    HOSA Esther Hsu Ms. Ng Wed. @ Lunch in 10-105 esther.hsu.dahs.2018@gmail.com
    Interact Club Mary Mijares Mr. Fabun Mon @ Lunch 6-118 mary.mijares.dahs.2017@gmail.com
    Latinos Unidos Jennifer Rangel Ms.Lechon/Mr.Barrera Mondays @ Lunch in 7-216 jrangelpiedra@gmail.com y
    Lettuce Club Maricela Gonzales Mr. Hulen Mondays @ Lunch 5-110 maricela.gonzalez.dahs2019@gmail.com y
    Love The Homeless Julian Arredondo and Luis Arreola Ms.Sanders Fri @ Lunch in 1-146 (Sanders) julian.arredondo.dahs.2017@gmail.com y
    Melanin Club Tierra Bright Ms.Jennifer/ Jill Detweller Tue & Thu in Library @ Lunch tierra.bright.dahs.2017@gmail.com y
    MESA Club Mary Mijares Ms.Bernido Fri @ Lunch 5-105 mary.mijares.dahs.2017@gmail.com
    National Honor Society Luis Arreola Ms.Sanders Thu @ Lunch 1-146 luis.arreola.dahs.2017@gmail.com y
    School Newspaper Julian Arredando Ms. Sanders Tue @ Lunch Rm 1-146 julianjarredondo@gmail.com y
    Shimada Club Klaire Soungpanya Ms.Wengler Mon @ Lunch/Wed Tutoring rm. 5-105 klaire.soungpanya.dahs.2017@gmail.com y
    Speech and Debate/Forensics Amy Barron Mr. Fabun Tue @ Lunch, Wed After School in 6-118 barron.amy79@gmail.com y
    Street Art Club Josue Mendizabel Ms. Shetterly Every other Wed in 3-102 josue.mendizabal.dahs.2017@gmail.com
    Yearbook Club Stacey Keller Ms.Miller Mon Afterschool, Wed/Fri Beforeschool stacey.keller.dahs2017@gmail.com