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  • From the Principal's Desk: Week of December 9th

    Posted by Paul Mansingh on 12/8/2019

    We hope that you had a great weekend! The academic conversation of the week is “Learn and Earn”.  The number one job of a high school student is to academically perform each and every school day.  Every day should be a focus on earning an academic pay check.  Last Thursday, each child received their “pay check” in the form of a pink progress report.  The progress report reflects the amount of work that each student puts into their classes. Yes – work and school are directly linked together, so when your son or daughter prepares for school, they are preparing themselves for work. We expect all students to come to school ready to Learn and Earn, meaning every day should be focused towards earning credits. Grades are not given, they are earned. The end of the 1st semester is only 3 weeks away!  ALL semester grades are entered on transcripts and reflect credits earned towards graduation. Each students high school transcript is the ultimate academic paycheck that can provide thousands of dollars towards academic scholarships. The high school transcript is also used for many other post-secondary career, vocational and job opportunities and may be referenced many years after graduation.

    The library is open after school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s from 3:30 – 4:45pm.  This is a great opportunity for your child to use the library to study independently or work with other students.

    The music department presents the Winter Concert on Wednesday, December 12th  @ 7:00pm in the Gym. Every one of our ensembles (choir, band, and both orchestras) will be performing that evening.

    The Jazz Dance performance will be on December 10th, 11th and 13th starting at 6:30pm in the theater.

    The African American Parent Advisory Council will be meeting Tuesday December 10th in the library at 6:30 to 8:30. All are welcome. 

    Our annual food drive has started and will end December 18th. Non Perishable food items can be brought to your child’s 4th  period class.  Each day has a specific item we would like your child to bring. Monday – Peanut Butter, Tuesday – Pasta, Wednesday – Tuna, Thursday – Cereal, and Friday – Canned Vegetables.  All donated items will be delivered by Hercules Police Department to Hercules families in need.

    Academic habits continue to be a focus for us. We want all students to be responsible citizens of our school community. That means we expect all students to come to school dressed appropriately with their ID’s visibly hanging around their neck. If a student does not have a photo ID, they will not be allowed into their assigned classroom. Before a student receives a duplicate photo ID, they will need your permission. Each ID costs $3.00 and a lanyard costs $2.00. We do not want your son/daughter to build up excessive fines without your consent. We expect all students to be on time to all their classes, including 1st period class. 1st period starts at 8:20 am and we would like all students to be on campus by 8:10am so they are not late to 1st period class. We look forward to seeing all students bright and early on Monday morning.


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