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  • Week # 3: Distance Learning

    Posted by Paul Mansingh on 4/1/2020

    I hope this message finds you all safe, protected, nourished and sanitized. We are in the third week of distance learning and I hope that there has been some satisfaction that can be found with the process.  

    Campus will be open this Friday from 1pm - 4pm. If you need technology support of any kind, the book room will be open from 1-2pm.  Most of our students have already received their tablets and have been successful with online distance learning. There will not be any distribution of student  packets, all the information you need should be available through the daily assignment posting by individual teachers. If you have questions or specific needs, please email your teachers. Distance learning assignments are posted daily by 9am on each school day. 

    End of the 3rd quarter is Friday, April 3rd.  Any student who needs to make up any assignments must reach out to their teacher for additional work.  Progress reports will be mailed out to families by Friday, April 13th. If your child receives an incomplete for the third quarter, arrangements will have to be made with that individual teacher to complete the missing or incomplete work. 

    Next week, April 6-10th is Spring Break and April 13th kicks off our Phase II of distance learning.

    Throughout phase II, teachers will provide 30 minutes of daily student learning time per period. We will continue to post daily assignments on the schools website on each school day by 9:00am. All students are expected to complete the assignments that are provided for each of their scheduled classes.  All students on Edgenuity, need to complete all the courses they are enrolled in. If you need additional courses, you will need to request through your counselor. 

    All high school students are expected to:

    • Log into courses daily through the digital platform of your teacher’s choice
    • Complete and submit eLearning lessons and assignments as assigned
    • Communicate with teachers as needed
    • Spend approximately 2-3 hours per day on coursework for all classes

    If you need assistance with technology to support your student’s distance learning, you can email parent@wccusd.net or call (510) 243-3901.

    Parents, please update and or add your personal emails to your PowerSchool accounts - if you need a form emailed to you, please send me an email to request that form.  

    Wishing you and your family the best of health throughout these times, 

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