• Graduation Requirements for High School Diploma AND UC/CSU ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
    (a grade of D- or above earns credit toward a diploma, a grade of C- or above is required for college admission)

    A.  History/Social Studies        30 credits (3 years, 10 credits per year) 

    **UCs/CSUs require only 2 years

    B.  English Language Arts        40 credits (4 years, 10 credits per year)      

    **UCs/CSUs same

    C.  Mathematics                        30 credits (3 years, 10 credits per year)  

    **UCs/CSUs recommend 4 years                               

    D.  Science                                20 credits (1 yr/10 credits Life Science & 1 yr/10 credits Physical Science/Chemistry) 

    **UCs/CSUs recommend 3 years of Laboratory Science   

    E.  Language Other Than English *10 credits

    **UCs/CSUs REQUIRE 2 years and RECOMMEND 3 years       

    F.  Visual/Performing Arts      *10 credits (1 year/10 credits)         

    **UCs/CSUs same

    G. Electives                               65 credits (any courses completed/credits earned over the above requirements are counted as electives)

    **UCs/CSUs require 1 year from the above list

    P.E.                                           20 credits (2 years, 10 credits per year)  **not required for UCs/CSUs  
                                                    225 total credits required
    *New as of 2019-2020:  Graduation requirement revised to 2 out of 3 classes in the categories of Visual/Performing Art, CTE, and Foreign Language.  UC/CSU requirement remains the same.