• School bullying has become an epidemic over the last couple decades. A 2009 survey quoted by How to Stop Bullying shows that 77 percent of students admit to having been bullied. The trend has increased across the board from elementary school to high school. According to Pacer.org, kids who have been bullied are more likely to drop out of school, miss class often, and suffer from the common cold, flu, and stomachaches more often. Bullying is also a factor in virtually every case of a school shooting.

    At the beginning of each school year, Hercules High School Admin presents an anti bullying/harassment/intimidation mini assembly. The assembly is a joint effort with school administration, health center staff and leadership students.

    Site administrators presents a powerpoint: "Bullying, Disrespect, and Mistreatment" Presentation that guide students through a quiz on what harassment was and types of harassment that occur within our schools and society. The presentation also included information pertaining to the seriousness of bullying and harassment and the consequences that occur if it goes without intervention.

    At the end of the mini-assemblies, the leadership students took the initiative to “kick off” our No Place for Hate campaign and asked students to participate in the upcoming events throughout the school year.  Each student was asked to sign a pledge to resolve bullying.

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