INAUGURAL YEAR: 2008-2009

     Rationale for El Cerrito High Athletics Hall of Fame: 

    • To recognize former El Cerrito High athletes and others associated with El Cerrito High who has distinguished themselves in the field of athletics, either by virtue of their athletic performance or by meritorious effort on behalf of athletics.
    • To maintain relationships with former outstanding athletes.
    • To maintain good community relations.
    • To foster an awareness of standards of excellence for which current athletes and staff can strive.
    • To provide positive media coverage for El Cerrito High School Athletics. 

    Selection Limitations: 

    • The initial induction group will be quite large, but should include the most qualified athletes: those who have gone on to play professionally, at the national or international level, or at the highest level of competition offered in the sport at that time. *Automatic inductees will include those athletes with national honors.
    • Subsequent induction groups may also be quite large, but will taper down over time.
    • Limits to the number of people inducted each year may be decided upon by the Hall of Fame Committee members.
    • No more than 6 persons meeting the criteria for Special Coaches, Athletic Directors, membership will be selected the first year. In subsequent years no more than two per year will be selected.
    • There is no limit to the number of times a person may be considered for the Hall of Fame. 

    Eligibility Criteria 

    Athletic Category 

    • El Cerrito high School graduates, or an athlete with special circumstances for leaving early, who has been out of high school for a minimum of fifteen years. 


    • The inaugural class will only include student-athletes who graduated from El Cerrito High School years 1944-1969.
    • The second induction will include years 1979-1944.
    • The third induction will include years 1989-1944.
    • The fourth induction will include all student athletes who have been out of high school for a minimum of fifteen years.
    • Outstanding athletic accomplishment in two or more sports or one sport for three or four years and was outstanding in that sport. A student who was in high school, receive athletic honors such as Most Valuable in the league, All-East Bay, All-State, All-American or National Award automatic.
    • A minimum three varsity letters at El Cerrito, who completed all season in good standing. One who completed all season in good standing. One who completed the season by remaining eligible and neither quit or were removed from the team.
    • A person of outstanding character, academics and leadership both during high school and after graduation.
    • Successful participation in college or professional athletics or a very high level of competition in his or her sport, or, a significant contributor to his or her community. 

    Coaches – Athletic Directors 

    • Retired person who has served El Cerrito High for ten or more years.
    • Exemplary coaching accomplishments and record.
    • Extraordinary citizen, leader and educator.
    • Contribution to high school athletics on the Local, State and National level. 

    Special Category 

    • Retired person who has served El Cerrito High for ten or more years.
    • Extraordinary citizen, leader and educator.
    • Contributed to the overall athletic program.

     Nomination Process: 

    • Anyone other than a family member may submit nominations to the Hall of Fame Chairperson. Send them to El Cerrito Athletics. Attn: Hall of Fame Chairperson.
    • Nomination forms and specified supporting materials must be submitted in writing to the Hall of Fame Chairperson. 
    • Nominations forms shall be made available on the El Cerrito Athletic website and in the El Cerrito High Athletic Office.
    • Nominations need only be made only one time. Those not selected will be retained for future consideration. 

    Selection Procedure: 

    (1) Hall of Fame committee meets and screens nominations. All new and past nominations are screened.

    (2) A nominee must receive 75% of committee member’s votes to be selected.

    (3) Inductees are notified two months prior to banquet event so they can make arrangements to attend.


    Hall of Fame Committee (Min. of 20 members): 

    • Current principal and/or vice principal in charge of athletics.
    • Current athletic director, and, or past athletic director.
    • Twelve from among the following: Directors or past athletic directors. The remainder should be selected from the rest of the members, who has knowledge of the history of El Cerrito High School athletics
    • Six, or more, Alumni representatives from past generations.

    Duties of the Hall of Fame Committee:

    • Meet once a year to do the following:
      • Review and recommend changes to the El Cerrito Athletic Hall of Fame bylaws.
      • Vote on recommendations and, by majority decision, make changes to the bylaws.
      • Select committee members.
      • Screen nominations and make selections. 
    • Notify the inductees and the banquet committee of the selections at least two and a half months prior to the banquet.
    • Notify the District Public Information Officer of the inductees and work with the District in publicizing the event. 

    Hall of Fame Co-Chairpersons to be selected by the Committee from among the above members. One should be either the current Athletic Director, or past Athletic Director, and the other should be selected from the rest of the members.

    Duties include: 

    • Organize and call the yearly committee meeting.
    • Chair the meeting.
    • Ensure that the bylaws are followed. 


    • Induction will take place at the banquet in their honor. Ticket sales for the banquet will pay for all or most of the expenses for the plaques and the banners.
    • Inductees will receive a plaque recognizing then as an El Cerrito High Athletics Hall of Famer.
    • Inductees will be recognized with a plaque on wall in gym.
    • Biographical information about inductees to be presented on the Gym Wall and on the El Cerrito Athletics Website.
    • The first year banquet will be held TBA. Future induction ceremonies may occur at a different time of the year.