• 504 Request Process

    All requests for 504s should go through the CARE team at ECHS. Please submit a CARE request at tinyurl.com/echsCARES. The CARE team is composed of school counselors, administrators, our school psychologist, and the director of the JMP. Together, we assess requests and student need and develop a plan to best support the student.

    Depending on immediate student need, this process often looks like a series of SST (student success team) meetings. In these meetings, we discuss student strengths and challenges and develop general education accommodations. We apply those accommodations for a 6-8 week time period to evaluate their effectiveness. We then hold another SST meeting to assess the impact of the accommodations and possibly modify them or create new ones, which we then apply for another 6-8 week time period. This process allows us to ensure that the student is experiencing the least restrictive educational environment possible, which is our legal mandate.