#1 Anyone that requests the use of the high school on a weekend has to make arrangements through the school district (Downtown Administration).  There is a form to fill out and a charge per hour.  The cost covers the custodian that has to be on duty while the school is open, the utility fee and the permit fee.   For a use time of four hours the cost would be approximately $232.

     #2 The Archiving Project Committee could make all the arrangements for any group the wanted to include a tour in their reunion activity.  That would include the filling out and submitting the application to use the school, arranging for students to take the interested parties on tours and any other help needed.  There would be an additional $25 service fee and $5 per person fee payable to the Archiving Project for this service in addition to the hourly cost to the Downtown Administration. If a group decided to do this the cost could be figured into the per person cost of the reunion ticket.

     #3 Any tours taken during the regular work week (3:30 pm to 8:00 pm) would not need to pay the cost to the Downtown Administration as there would already be a custodian on duty. Arrangements for that type of tour would be made through the school Principal.  If the Archiving Project provided assistance the above mentioned fee would still be required.

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