• Do you have articles you would like to see displayed in the ECHS museum?

    If so, please follow the steps below.

                1-Type out the following information for each item:

    •                         Department used in such as social science, football, music
    •                         Physical description of item
    •                         Type of item such as trophy, newspaper article
    •                         Date of use
    •                         Size of item
    •                         Donor’s name, phone number, email address
    •                         2-3 sentences of background information

                2-If the item can be framed, take to the following shop to be framed-

    •                         The Glenn
    •                         7027 Stockton Ave. El Cerrito
    •                         510 558 1078

    The likelihood of your article being displayed quickly increase dramatically if they come to us framed by The Glenn and ready to be hung. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that it will be displayed in the foreseeable future and will be put into our storage room.

    3-If the item cannot be framed or you do not want to frame it, please deliver it to us in acid free envelopes or wrapping. Make sure the wrapping is transparent.  Package articles in a durable fashion with the information included.


    Joann Steck-Bayat     510 524 9464     Jsbayat1@comcast.net     Museum Curator