• El Cerrito High School’s vision is to develop a school community in which the achievement of high standards is a reality for ALL students.

    ECHS is a professional learning community where all members interact respectfully. We consciously assist students and all stakeholders, especially those in need, and engage in examining our attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions about our community, teaching, and learning.

    El Cerrito High School Student Learning Outcomes

    El Cerrito High School Gauchos are….

    Independent Thinkers & Communicators who

    - Find, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources to draw sound conclusions. 

    - Listen, speak, and write effectively using academic language and artistic expression.

    - Effectively use technology to collect, organize, and deliver information.

    Collaborators who

    - Listen actively and work cooperatively with others to produce quality outcomes.

    - Show respect, understanding, and empathy toward self and others.

    - Engage, respect, and connect with our diverse histories to learn various perspectives with curiosity.

    Contributors who

    - Participate in the development of an inclusive school climate and culture.

    - Conduct themselves ethically and respect the rights of others, starting within our school community. 

    - Demonstrate civic commitment to local and global communities through promoting equity, anti-racist actions, and community building.