Current Reunion Information

  • Updated 10/15/20
    People who went to El Cerrito
    The 70's
    Class of 1973, 1974, 1975,  
    Someone is thinking about it.
    More information to follow..dialogue in the facebook pages above.
    Class of 1981
    Something is happening
    Class of 2011
    We are thinking about it.
    Contact Marisol Clemens-
    Class of 1980 reunion
    Contact Chris Misa-Mackey: 
    Class of 1990! update 6/1/20
    We have tried to keep our reunion plans for July 2020 on active as long as possible, but given the current state of the world with COVID-19, it is not practical to move forward in good conscious. With greatest of concern for our classmates and families, the reunion committee has decided that we will postpone our 30th Reunion celebration to the summer of 2021. We are hoping that the world will be in a more secure place where large gatherings will not be problematic.
    On a personal note I was truly looking forward to meeting with everyone and getting to re-connect in person. If anything this time has reminded me how important our connections are and how our time at ECHS helped to shape the kind of people we are today.
    So we don't lose the momentum of reconnecting I invite everyone to share some of their favorite ECHS photos with a Google Photo Drive we have set up. (See link below)
    After a reasonable amount of time we will put together a slide show that we can enjoy.
    Stay Strong!
    Stay Safe!
    Go Gauchos!
    All the Best,
    Class of 1970-50 Year Reunion---Corona Virus upate.
    Class of 1971 and Class of 1970 
    Update 6/18/20....Combining 50 year Reunion's
    Class of 1970 and 1971 will have our 50 th reunion October 2, 2021 at Richmond Country Club.
    Please send name, email address, home address, phone number to:
    Contact Person- Donna Marsicano
    Contact : Charlene Slemmons
    Class of 1967  
    Thinking about it, 55th is 2 years out.......suggestions??
    Email me if you would like to join us. Roddy Lee
    Post Reunion Information
    Class of 1979
    Lisa Hughes Brown @
    Class of 1969
    Class of 1959
    Contact Barbara Cornish Barichello at 510-724-4988, Lyn Martinez Kelly at 925-937-1437 or
     Roberta Mendonca at
    Class of 1963
    Marc Bautista
    Class of 1988
    Contact: Mylika Lisa Smith
    Class of 1978
    Luanne Canestro
    Class of 1987
    Class of 1968
    Paul Bailey
    Rich Runswick
    Corona Virus 19 Reunion plans
    Class of 2011-10 year
    Class of 2006–15 year
    Class of 2001–20 year
    Class of 1996–25 year
    Class of 1991–30 year
    Class of 1986–35 year
    Class of 1981–40 year
    Class of 1976–45 year
    Class of 1971–50 year
    Class of 1966–55 year
    Class of 1961–60 year
    Class of 1956-65 year
    Class of 1951-70 year
    Current Reunions planned 2020
    Class of 2010-10 year
    Class of 2005–15 year
    Class of 2000–20 year
    Class of 1995–25 year
    Class of 1990–30 year
    Class of 1985–35 year
    Class of 1980–40 year
    Class of 1975–45 year
    Class of 1970–50 year
    Class of 1965–55 year
    Class of 1960–60 year
    Class of 1955-65 year
    Class of 1950-70 year
    Reunion leaders, classmates: If you are planning your reunion or need information about your reunion.
    Please Contact  Roddy Lee: