• The Law Academy offers elective courses to Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students to prepare them for law-related careers, and to help them become active, engaged citizens who have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully participate and create change in their communities. 
    The elective for Sophomores, Introduction to Law, focuses on civil law, with some criminal law.  The elective for Juniors, Law and Justice, focuses on criminal law, and the electives for Seniors, Constitutional Law (Advanced) and Law and Democracy, focus on Constitutional Law and Social Justice issues.  Students learn about law that is practical and relevant to their lives.  They also gain valuable skills, such as persuasive speaking and writing, critical thinking,  and problem-solving.  Law and Democracy is a dual enrollment course in which students have the potential to earn 3.0 credit units for college from Contra Costa Community College.  Enrollment is free and all instruction takes place at De Anza during the student’s regular law period.  The units may be applied to UC and CSU schools.  Students participate in mock trial, meet with legal professionals in the community for mentoring, attend study trips, and serve in paid internships.    

    Academy Lead: Nam Kang

    Faculty: Mr. Nam, Ms. Nunez, Ms. Otsuki, Ms. Simmet, Mr. Cardenas, Ms. Trempy



Contact Us

  • Academy Lead:  Nam Kang

    Email: nam.kang@wccusd.net