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Information on Student Medical Exemptions


Dear WCCUSD Community:

We want to share with you the current information on our District's student COVID-19 vaccine mandate and the medical exemption to the mandate. 

In order to attend in-person instruction at any of our schools, all students 12 and older must be fully vaccinated before Friday, February 18, 2022. If your child still needs to get the COVID-19 vaccine, WCCUSD is co-hosting multiple vaccine clinics throughout our District in conjunction with the Contra Costa County Health Services. Click here  for more information. Contact 1-833-422-4255 if you need more information on where to get your child's COVID-19 vaccination and to schedule an appointment.

Students who already have a qualified and District approved medical exemption on file under WCCUSD’s existing immunization policies are exempt from this policy. Submit your exemption to the District’s secure portal: However, there is no religious or personal belief exemption available for students under the District's COVID-19 vaccine policy. 

Parents who do not have an approved District medical exemption already but believe their child may have a medical condition which would prevent the student from being safely vaccinated must work with their medical provider to obtain and submit a medical exemption request as soon as possible. Submit your exemption to the District’s secure portal:

If your child is already vaccinated against COVID-19, now is the time to upload your child’s vaccination documentation to the District's secure website at: You should be able to add this information in a few easy steps. If you cannot use the secure website, you can submit a paper copy of the vaccination card to your school site. If your child is not vaccinated yet, but you are in the process of getting your child vaccinated, submit your child's vaccination documentation to the same secure website in this paragraph as soon as your child is vaccinated.

We created an online tutorial to show you how to upload vaccination documentation: Instructions and VideoFollow these instructions from the district IT department to use a Chromebook to take a photo of the vaccination card and then upload to our secure online portal. 

If you do not plan on having your child vaccinated, please let us know by entering that information in the secure portal.  

Remember, the deadline to submit your child's COVID-19 vaccination information is fast approaching. 

We appreciate your help in getting as many of our students vaccinated as soon as possible to ensure our schools are as safe as possible for our entire school community.


Dr. Kenneth Chris Hurst