• Prevent Cyber-Bullying and Technology Bullying of Students

    Bullying has been in the news a lot lately, particularly when something tragic happens to the child being tormented. Digital media in the form of cell phones, electronic messaging and the Internet have become the “wild-west” of bullying activities. All of these devices present challenges for this generation of digitally connected teenagers. Too often, the devices can lead to cyber-bullying — the use of the Internet and related technologies to embarrass, humiliate or threaten someone.

    “Electronics such as iPods, cell phones, computers, Facebook, texting, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and online dating forums provide a multitude of opportunities for someone to bully a student,”

    Anything that interferes with learning in or out of school is a threat to a student’s success.

    Parents should suspect cyber-bullying if students spend unusually long hours on the computer, close the computer screen when a parent enters the room or become secretive about Internet activity.

    School Anti-Bullying Prevention Campaign

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