• CARE Team Referral Form

    We are committed to providing the support our students need to be successful. To get the resources and support your child needs, we are asking you to fill out this referral form. The information you provide will remain private and will be used only to provide services. WCCUSD may use non-identifying, collective information for ongoing response and advocacy efforts.

    The Coordination, Access, Resource, and Equity team (C.A.R.E.Team) constitutes a strategy for managing and integrating various learning supports and resources for students. CARE teams identify and address student needs holistically and ensure that the overall system of supports works together effectively.

    We are a multidisciplinary team of school staff and providers who:
    • Create a regular forum for reviewing the needs of individual students and the school overall.
    • Collaborate on linking referred students to resources and interventions.
    • Support student academic success and healthy development.

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