• School Culture & Expectations


    Forever 5

    De Anza High School Students will:

    • Be on time

    • Use cell phones only when given teacher permission for academic purposes

    • Remove hats/hoods/beanies inside the building

    • Carry a pass when outside of class during class period

    • Carry their De Anza Student IDs at all time

    • 2021-2022 Always wear a mask while on campus

    De Anza School Expectations

    Closed Campus 

    De Anza High School is a closed campus. No student may leave the school grounds during school hours without first obtaining a written permit from the Attendance Office. Students leaving campus before the end of the instructional day (reduced schedule, medical appointments or being picked up by a parent or guardian) must provide the Attendance Office with parental authorization in the form of a signed note or by coming in to sign out the student. Authorization may not be done over the phone

    Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices 

    • Use of electronic devices in class is allowed only for academic purposes when the teacher has given permission. Cell phones used during class time for other purposes will be confiscated and given to the office. The office will hold the phone in a locked safe until the student completes two hours of campus beautification. 

    • Students may use their cell phones during lunch and passing periods.  

    • Videotaping of students or staff is illegal and subject to additional disciplinary measures. Students must use technology in a manner that abides by legal and district guidelines.

    • Students bring electronics to school at their own risk. De Anza High School is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen electronic devices.

    Lanyards and ID Cards 

    All students are REQUIRED to carry school-issued identification badges at all times while on campus. Students are responsible for replacing their ID cards if they are forgotten, lost, or damaged. The initial ID card and lanyard are free, but each replacement is $5.00.

    Tardy Policy 

    Students are tardy if they are not in their designated classroom when the second bell rings. They need a tardy slip in order to be admitted to class. Students are assigned 20 minutes after-school Campus Beautification for each tardy slip. No shows to Campus Beautification will result in additional 20 mins of Campus Beautification. Students tardy after a Hall Sweep will be assigned 20 minutes after-school Campus Beautification.


    Students must be in the classes in which they are officially enrolled. Students found outside of class (halls, outdoor areas, other classrooms, library, etc.), leave class without a hall pass, or leave class before the final bell rings will be assigned Campus Beautification.

    Food Delivery

    Students and families are not to order food delivered to school through deliveries such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. Students who accept food deliveries for themselves or others will be assigned Campus Beautification. The food will be confiscated and held until the end of the school day. Parents may bring lunch to the Front Office any time for their student to pick up at lunch time. 


    Students are NOT to share their locker or combinations with others. Students are responsible for any items found in their lockers. Stickers, graffiti, or defacements of any kind are not allowed. PE lockers must be secured with a combination lock. Locks are available from the cashier for a small cost. De Anza High School is not responsible for items left in unsecured lockers.

    Instructional Materials

    Students are responsible for the care and safe return of any books, laptops, calculators, uniforms, and any instructional materials checked out in their name. Keep track of these items.

    Personal Belongings

    Students are responsible for their own cell phones, books, backpacks, and all personal items. Do not leave belongings unattended, including electronics plugged in to charge. De Anza is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.

     Dress Code 

    Students are encouraged to dress in a manner that exemplifies academic scholarship and is aligned to DA’s goal of preparing students for college and career. Students may not wear clothing that depicts gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, profanity, pornography, obscenity, violence nor clothing that demeans others’ gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc. Students must wear shoes and shirts at all times. Shirts/Dresses must have straps or sleeves. Undergarments must be covered at all times.


    Hats, hoods, and beanies may not be worn inside the building. Headgear worn for religious reasons is acceptable.


    After-School Tutoring is dedicated time for students seeking additional assistance or to do make-up work to meet with their teachers. Wednesdays: 1:56-2:30  Fridays: 2:59-3:34

    Juniors & Seniors

    Participation in Senior Events (Prom, Senior Picnic, Graduation Ceremony) is a privilege. In order to participate, juniors and seniors must not have any Fs and no more than 3 days (21 periods) of unverified absences during the quarter that the event occurs.