• Email is the best mode of communication. 

    Please email me at:



    Remind is also another option: please check your syllabus for which Remind section you are in




    • Can my student wear Crocs for PE?

    NO thank you. Crocs are not supportive and "sport mode" doesn't actually work. Students need athletic shoes that they won't slip out of. 


    • Is my student allowed to take off their shoes in PE?

    NO thank you. Students must keep their shoes on at all times.


    • Where can my student dress for PE?

    Students may change in a bathroom during passing period and I am okay with them being a little late, as long as they tell me where they were.

    Students may change in the bathroom at the beginning of class as long as they tell me where they are going.

    Students may wear PE uniform or athletic clothes to school and NOT have to change at all.


    • What is being graded?

    All Warm Ups, Workouts, and Cool Downs are graded in 10 points for the day. Points are deducted for not completing any of these movement assignments. 


    • What do I do if I need to contact my student?

    Please contact the Main Office for emergencies or dropping off items or picking up students or confirming bell schedule. I have a walkie talkie so the Main Office personnel can contact me to get your student. If you want to speak to your student, please get a copy of our current bell schedule so you can call your student during Lunch.


    •  Where can I find information about my student's behavior?

    I will put Comments in Powerschool for that days assignment. There is a Comment bubble that appears on the grade and on the assignment. All grades will be on Powerschool. I will also email you with updates. You are more than welcome to ask for updates too.


    • Can my student eat lunch during Detention?

    YES! The procedure is for students to get their lunch and THEN come to the Gym for detention. 


    • What safety precautions are in place in PE?

    All students and I wear a mask at all times. I call for mask checks frequently throughout class. Water bottle refilling stations are available near PE areas. 


    Here are a few tips to help you understand my grading and point entry in PowerSchool:

    Movement Points - 80% of the total grade  

    When looking at your child’s report you will see how many points they earned for each day.  

    Written Assignments - 20% of the total grade   

    Written assignments or projects will be graded in this category. Written assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

    • You can call the Main Office for your Powerschool log in information.


    In the case of an EXCUSED ABSENCE, a parent note or email including the student’s name, parent/guardian name, reason for absence, and date(s) to be excused must be brought to the teacher upon return to class. The student will need to make arrangements to make-up any missed fitness tests within one (1) week of the absence.


    If a student is injured or ill and unable to participate in Physical Education, they must bring a note from their parent or doctor to be excused. Make-up assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Students have until the end of the current quarter to Turn In all written assignments including Make Up work.

    Notes must include:


    o    Student’s FIRST and LAST NAME

    o    DATE(S) to be excused and DATE ISSUED





    o    A parent note is good for 1-3 days (must be specified on the note) and then a doctor’s note is required.

    The note is due the day of non-participation.


    o    Student will be excused from participating in physical activity. An alternative assignment will be given. It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the assignment from the teacher on a daily basis at the beginning of class.

     If the students should miss any fitness tests during their time of injury or illness then they will need to make arrangements with the teacher to make up the test after school.  

    If your child has asthma, please make sure that it is noted on their emergency card at the office.  If they need to carry an inhaler, then there is an additional form to be completed at the office.  Please see the main office staff for more information on this.

    Students are expected to run and participate in vigorous activity on a daily basis.  Please make sure that they are prepared with their essential needs - inhaler if they have one and extra water.

    In the event that a child's asthma is acting up, please contact the teacher and an alternative assignment will be given for the day.

    This school year we are not using the PE locker rooms, so students are not required to dress out for PE. I will NOT deduct points for regular clothes. However, I strongly recommend students wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Students who have purchased the Titan PE uniform may wear the uniform to school or change into the uniform during passing period.

    The Titan Physical Education Uniform is strongly encouraged & may be purchased from the office manager.

      • Columbia Blue Titan Physical Education T-shirt ($10.00)
      • Black Titan Physical Education Shorts ($10.00) 


    A typical class period is 50 minutes in length.

    3 minutes - Attendance & Announcements

    20 minutes - Warm-up (Aerobic-type running, agility running/movement patterns, a stretching routine and muscular strength and endurance activities)

    20 minutes - Workout and activity participation

    7 minutes - Put equipment away/ Cool Down Activity & closing comments/announcements


    This year three PE classes will concurrently run and we have one gym.  On rainy days there are options: 1) all classes will be in the gym and generally participate in a structured activity together. 2) just our class doing "classroom" type activities in a classroom.  3) physical or "classroom" activities in the Cafeteria 4) class on Zoom if the school campus closes for Quality Control due to Smoke or Covid