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    Here are a few tips to help you understand my grading and point entry in PowerSchool:

    Daily Points - 70% of the total grade - 10 points are awarded per class day. 

    When looking at your child’s report you will see how many points they earned for each day.  If your child was absent, a MISSING ASSIGNMENT mark should be indicated (yellow box).  An excuse note is handed in to ME and then a make-up assignment must be completed in order for the daily points to be excused.

    Sportsmanship - 10% of the total grade  

    This often confuses parents because a weekly total of 20 points seems like it would weigh more on the total grade, however, the category is only awarded 10% of the total. 

    Sportsmanship points are also entered with a Saturday date to note the end of the week.  This makes a cleaner report in seeing where each week ends and for which week the points were awarded.

    Fitness Test and Written Assignments - 20% of the total grade - 10 points awarded per test. 

    A fitness test is usually entered in the grade book in all capital letters.  The grades for fitness testing are based on your child's age and gender as of March 15 of the current school year.  For example if your child is 11 currently and turns 12 on December 16, they will be graded as a 12 year old for the entire school year.  This is so that the students can practice their fitness tests at the level required to pass the state mandated fitness testing which occurs in March. 

    Written assignments or projects will be graded in this category.



    Other Information:

    Grades are updated whenever possible but may not be until progress reports and/or report card marking time.  If you have questions about your child's grade or performance then please email. 


    In the case of an EXCUSED ABSENCE, a parent note or email including the student’s name, parent/guardian name, reason for absence, and date(s) to be excused must be brought to the teacher upon return to class. The student will have two (2) school days to make-up any assigned work. An alternative assignment (Article Review) will be given to make up for the missed class. It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the work from the teacher upon his/her return to class; an Article Review worksheet may be picked up from the silver file box on the cart inside Ms. Barrett's office door. The student will need to make arrangements to make-up any missed fitness tests within one (1) week of the absence.

    You may also download the document from this webpage.  The assignment is titled "Excused Absence Make-up."

    If a student is injured or ill and unable to participate in Physical Education, they must bring a note from their parent or doctor to be excused. It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the assignment at the beginning of class. 

    Notes must include:


    o    Student’s FIRST and LAST NAME

    o    DATE(S) to be excused and DATE ISSUED





    o    A parent note is good for 1-3 days (must be specified on the note) and then a doctor’s note is required.

    The note is due the day of non-participation (at the beginning of class prior to roll being taken).


    o    Student will be excused from dressing and participating in physical activity. An alternative written assignment will be given. It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the assignment from the teacher on a daily basis at the beginning of class (prior to roll being taken).

     If the students should miss any fitness tests during their time of injury or illness then they will need to make arrangements with the teacher to make up the test after school.  A zero (0) will show in the grade book until the test has been completed.

    If your child has asthma, please make sure that it is noted on their emergency card at the office.  If they need to carry an inhaler, then there is an additional form to be completed at the office.  Please see the main office staff for more information on this.

    Students are expected to run and participate in vigorous activity on a daily basis.  Please make sure that they are prepared with their essential needs - inhaler if they have one and extra water.

    In the event that a child's asthma is acting up, please contact the teacher and an alternative written assignment will be given for the day.

    The Titan Physical Education Uniform is strongly encouraged & may be purchased from the office manager.

      • Columbia Blue Titan Physical Education T-shirt ($10.00)
      • Black Titan Physical Education Shorts ($10.00)
      • Athletic Shoes (must tie and be used only for P.E.)
      • Optional Clothing: Titan sweatshirt and Titan sweatpants or Plain Black (no pockets) ($15.00 each) 
      • If the Titan Physical Education Uniform cannot be purchased, a plain light/Columbia blue, grey, or black t-shirt may be worn. Plain black shorts are also acceptable. Leggings Under shorts.
      • The Physical Education uniform may not have pockets and any logos or emblems must be less than 4 inches in diameter. 
      • The student must change out of the clothing that he/she wore to school and must wear a designated PE uniform. (For example, the student cannot wear the grey t-shirt that he/she wore to school that day as his/her PE uniform.) 
      • Students may not wear clothing inside-out or backwards. 
      • Sleeveless shirts and/or tank tops are not acceptable.
      • All clothing must fit within the school-wide dress code policy.

    The student’s name must be clearly written on the front of their PE uniform.

    Dressing in the Titan Physical Education Uniform is not part of a student’s grade, it is an EXPECTATION! If a student is not in the appropriate physical education uniform, then they will not be allowed to participate for the day; thus, the student will lose their participation points. As long as appropriate shoes are worn, they may earn their warm-up points and points for being on-time to class.  If a fitness test is missed it may not be made up and a zero (0) will be recorded in the grade book. 

    In PowerSchool if you go to the attendance screen, a "Z" should be marked for your child's physical education class if they were NOT dressed in the proper PE uniform.  However, please note that a tardy would override a non-suit.  You should also receive an auto-dialer call stating that your child was not dressed for PE.

    The students are allotted 5 minutes at the beginning of the period to change and 5 minutes at the end of the period to change prior to the dismissal bell to their next class.

    A typical class period is 50 minutes in length.

    5 minutes - Changing into the PE uniform

    2-3 minutes - Attendance & Announcements

    10-15 minutes - Warm-up (Aerobic-type running, agility running/movement patterns, a stretching routine and muscular strength and endurance activities)

    15-20 minutes - Instruction and activity participation

    3-5 minutes - Put equipment away & closing comments/announcements

    5 minutes - Changing out of the PE uniform 

    This year three PE classes will concurrently run and we have one gym.  On rainy days, all classes will be in the gym and generally participate in a structured activity together.  There may be occasions where we will do "classroom" type activities.