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           In Physical Education, the students will demonstrate skills to perform in a variety of physical activities and/or sports.  The students will also demonstrate knowledge of rules, concepts, and strategies used in performing physical activities.  They will work towards designing a personal fitness program, which will demonstrate their knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and tactics to improve one’s overall health and fitness.  Each student will be responsible for organizing a fitness portfolio throughout the year.



    1. Demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
    2. Demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies as they apply to learning and performance of physical activities.
    3. Assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance.
    4. Demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance.
    5. Demonstrate and utilize knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies as applied to learning and performance of physical activity.



    • Quarter 1 – Pre-assessment of physical fitness level; goal setting; teamwork and cooperation; fundamental skills necessary for performance in physical fitness activities and sports.
    • Quarter 2 – Continue monitoring of physical fitness level; continue with fundamentals of physical fitness activities and sports.
    • Quarter 3 – Focus on physical fitness levels as the state required fitness testing will occur during this quarter; continue with fitness activities and concepts and sports games.
    • Physical Fitness Testing (State Mandated) – March 2 – March 27, 2019
    • Quarter 4 – Continue working on skills, concepts, and strategies to improve performance and knowledge of physical fitness activities; analyze physical fitness levels; and reflect on progress or personal growth over the course of the year.

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    No textbook will be issued to the students; however, supplemental readings and worksheets may be assigned. 



    • Appropriate Physical Education Uniform*
    • The Titan Physical Education Uniform is strongly encouraged & may be purchased from the office manager.
    • Columbia Blue Titan Physical Education T-shirt
    • Black Titan Physical Education Shorts
    • Athletic Shoes (must have shoe laces that can be tied and be used only for P.E.)
    • Optional Clothing: Titan sweatshirt and Titan sweatpants or Plain Black (no pockets), solid color leggings under shorts.
    • If the Titan Physical Education Uniform cannot be purchased, a plain light/Columbia blue, grey, or black t-shirt may be worn. Plain black shorts are also acceptable.  The Physical Education uniform may not have pockets and any logos or emblems must be less than 4 inches in diameter.
    • The student must change out of the clothing that he/she wore to school and must wear a designated PE uniform. (For example, the student cannot wear the grey t-shirt that he/she wore to school that day as his/her PE uniform.)
    • Students may not wear clothing inside-out or backwards.
    • Sleeveless shirts and/or tank tops are not acceptable.
    • All clothing must fit within the school-wide dress code policy.
    • The student’s name must be clearly written on the front of his/her PE uniform.
    • Student Planner
    • Students will use the planner for writing assignments and making written goals and for scheduling Fitness tests/activities.











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    GRADING: School-wide Scale:                Percentages that comprise Grade:


    Daily Points (10 points per day)

    5 – Participation/Effort in class drills/Activity

    3 – Warm-up Activities

    2 – On-time/Prepared to learn



    Fitness Testing Scores and Written Assignments including but not limited to:

    Fitness testing score sheets, Improvement on Fitness Tests, Skills tests, Written (cognitive) tests, Worksheets, Fitness logs, Projects

    ◘       Passing Scores based on FitnessGram Standards (Standards are based on gender and age as of March 15, 2020)


    Sportsmanship (Behavior/Attitude)









    A- to A+





    B- to B+





    C- to C+





    D-to D+
























    • Turning in assignments:
    • Assignments will be handed in to the teacher at the beginning of the class period on the day that the assignment is due. Assignments that are to be completed during the class will be collected at the end of the period, which includes work for excused participation for the day.


    • Late Assignments:
    • Late assignments will NOT be accepted, unless the student has an EXCUSED absence note. In the case of an EXCUSED absence, the student will have two (2) days to complete and turn in the assignment.




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    • Extra Credit:
    • Extra credit is generally not given. In the case that it is, the same rules apply as “turning in assignments.”  Late extra credit assignments will not be accepted, even in the case of an excused absence.
    • Positive rewards (dress pass, activity pass, fitness test pass, etc.) may be given out to students who display great effort and/or behavior.


    • Participation:
    • Participation is essential in Physical Education.
    • All students will participate in the daily warm-up regardless if they are dressed in the appropriate Titan Physical Education Uniform or not; thus they will earn partial points for the day.
    • Students must wear appropriate shoes for physical activity. Students wearing non-athletic shoes (sandals, boots, “dress” shoes, etc.) will not be allowed to participate in any activity and will receive zero points for the day.


    • Tardiness:
    • Tardiness is unacceptable; daily points will be deducted.



    Parents will be notified by either an email, phone call, Remind message, or written note sent home with the student. 

    Any student who is in danger of failing a course (grade below a “C”) will have parent notification via the progress reports (school-wide policy).


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    • Excessive absences can affect a student’s grade in a negative way, which may include being dropped from a course after fifteen (15) absences in a semester (school-wide policy).
    • In the case of an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE, the student will lose all possible points earned for that day. Student will not be given credit or allowed to turn in any work that is due, nor may student make-up any work that was assigned on the given day(s). 
    • Suspension is considered an unexcused absence and no make-up work will be given.
    • Absences are considered unexcused until the teacher receives a note or email from the parent/guardian. I need the excuse note in my hands via Email or Handwritten.
    • In the case of an EXCUSED ABSENCE, a parent note or email including the student’s name, parent/guardian name, reason for absence, and date(s) to be excused must be brought to the teacher upon return to class. The student will have two (2) school days to make up any assigned work.  An alternative assignment (Article Review or Newsela article) will be given to make up for the missed class.  It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the work from the teacher upon his/her return to class; an Article Review worksheet may be picked up from the silver hanging file outside Ms. Barrett’s office door, printed from the Hercules website, or emailed to the parent/student upon request.  The student will need to make arrangements to make-up any missed fitness tests within one (1) week of the absence.
    • In the event of “special circumstances,” individual consideration, exceptions, and/or arrangements may be made with the teacher.    



    In addition to the school rules/norms stated in the Student Agenda, the following rules also apply:

    • Students are to buy a school lock from the cashier ($7). See your teacher if you cannot afford one.
      • Students are NOT ALLOWED to use locks purchased elsewhere for the PE lockers.
      • Once a student has a lock, then a locker will be issued to him/her via the PE teachers.
    • Students are responsible for securing their own belongings.
    • Students are NOT to share a locker with anyone else.
    • Always “Think SAFETY!” (No glass, gum, or food.  No playing around.)
    • PERFUME/DEODORANT/BODY SPRAYS are NOT allowed in the locker rooms!
    • Due to students with severe allergies, asthma, and migraines we cannot allow sprays of any kind in the locker rooms. Please use “stick” types of deodorant and practice good hygiene habits without the use of sprays.
    • LOTION is NOT allowed in the locker rooms or gym.
    • Electronic devices of any kind are NOT allowed in the locker rooms or in the class unless specifically stated by your teacher – this is a privacy issue as well as a safety concern and a school-wide policy.
    • Electronic devices will be confiscated by a teacher if seen out, especially in the locker rooms.
    • EXCUSED PARTICIPATION NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Students are to bring written notification from a parent/guardian/doctor to the teacher immediately upon entering the gym if they are injured or ill and they are not able to participate in Physical Education. It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the assignment at the beginning of class; this is before roll call is taken and/or before the class is sent to their designated area.
    • Notes must include:
      • Student’s FIRST and LAST NAME
      • DATE(S) to be excused and DATE ISSUED
      • A parent note is good for THAT DAY ONLY unless specified the amount. 3 or more days requires a doctor’s note.
      • The note is due the day of non-participation (at the beginning of class prior to roll being taken) and given to the teacher immediately upon entering the gym.
      • Student will be excused from dressing and participating in physical activity. An alternative written assignment will be given.  It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the assignment from the teacher on a daily basis at the beginning of class immediately upon entering the gym (prior to roll being taken).


    • Dressing in the Titan Physical Education Uniform is not just part of a student’s grade, it is an EXPECTATION! If a student is not in the appropriate physical education uniform, then they will not be allowed to participate for the day; thus, the student will lose their participation points.
    • PERSONAL EQUIPMENT (Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Baseball Bats, Etc.)
    • Please do NOT bring personal equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, bats, etc.) to class unless you have been given prior approval by your teacher for a specific unit/activity.
    • Personal equipment often presents a safety hazard to others.
    • Personal equipment that is being used, particularly at the beginning of class, may be taken by any PE teacher and may not be returned to the student(s) until the last day of school.

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    • FOOD and DRINKS – WATER ONLY is allowed during class and the locker rooms.
    • RESPECT yourself!
    • RESPECT others!
    • RESPECT all property and equipment!
    • Take RESPONSIBILITY for ALL of your actions and words!



    If behavior warrants, a teacher detention may be assigned.  The student will be given the option to complete the detention the day assigned or the following day. An email/phone call from the teacher will be sent/made. A referral to the counselor and/or assistant principal may be given if the behavior is persistent and/or severe.



    • Remind is a website in which the teacher may communicate with the students and/or parents via text message or email (one-way communication only).  Periodically reminders and/or announcements will be sent about upcoming events in your child’s Physical Education class.
    • For text messages send a text message to: 81010 or (715) 203-4668
      • In the message portion text: @pe7hms
        • You may be prompted to send a response text with your name; please follow the directions.
        • For email reminders or messages send an email to: pe7hms@mail.remind.com

           You may leave the subject line blank.  If prompted, please follow any further instructions.




    If questions and/or concerns should arise regarding your child and/or the class, please contact me first so that we may collaborate to resolve any concerns.  Also, my teacher website has an abundance of information in which you may want to reference.




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    Hercules Middle High School

    Course Syllabus

    Physical Education, Grade 7



    TEACHER: Ms. Barrett

    COURSE: Physical Education


    I have read the Physical Education Course Syllabus and Grading Rubric.  I have reviewed the syllabus with my child.  We agree to abide by the standards and procedures set forth to the best of our ability. 



    STUDENT NAME (please print):                                                                         


    STUDENT SIGNATURE:                                                 DATE:                           




    1) PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME (please print):                                                            


    PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:                                                       DATE:               



                                                    HOME PHONE:                                               


                                                    CELL PHONE:                                                 




    2) PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME (please print):                                                        


    PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:                                                       DATE:               


    PARENT/GUARDIAN CONTACT INFORMATION:                                             

                                                    HOME PHONE:                                               


                                                    CELL PHONE:                                                 









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    Please list any important information that the teacher should know about your child (takes asthma medication, allergies to bee stings, physical impairments, mental impairments, learning disabilities, etc.)






    If you cannot afford a PE lock and/or PE clothes, then please contact Ms. Barrett via email:  hbarrett@wccusd.net