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          In Physical Education 7, the students will demonstrate movement skills to perform in a variety of physical activities and/or sports and fitness tests.  The students will also demonstrate knowledge of rules, concepts, and strategies used in performing physical activities.  Students will complete short written assignments to develop PE vocabulary and develop Social Emotional skills. The students will monitor their physical fitness levels throughout the school year via our Individual Fitness Sheets. 



    1. Assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance.

    2. Demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

    3. Demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies as they apply to learning and performance of physical activities. 



        • Physical Education Clothing:

        • The Titan Physical Education Uniform may be purchased from the office manager, Ms. Chen

        • Columbia Blue Titan Physical Education T-shirt

        • Black Titan Physical Education Shorts

        • Optional Purchase: Titan sweatshirt and Titan sweatpants 

        • If the Titan Physical Education Uniform cannot be purchased, a plain light/Columbia blue, gray, or black t-shirt may be worn.

        • Plain black shorts are also acceptable. The Physical Education uniform may not have pockets and any logos or emblems must be less than 4 inches in diameter.

        • The student must change out of the clothing that they wore to school and must wear a designated PE uniform. (For example, the student cannot wear the gray t-shirt that they wore to school that day as their PE uniform.)

        • Students may not wear clothing inside-out or backwards.

        • Students may not overdress (wear their PE clothes over their school clothes).

        • Sleeveless shirts and/or tank tops are not acceptable.

        • All clothing must fit within the school-wide dress code policy.

        • The student’s name must be clearly written on the front of their PE uniform.

        - SHOES - Students MUST have appropriate  Athletic shoes for class.  It is important for safety that students wear the correct shoes. Please make sure the shoes can get dirty, and creased. NO CROCS! NO SLIDES! NO BOOTS! NO HEELS! NO FLATS! NO PLATFORMS!

    Chromebook/School-issued tablet when requested

    Writing Utensil & Paper when requested

    Student Planner when requested and when not appropriately dressed for PE



    □  GOOGLE CLASSROOM ACCESS- Students need to check PE Google Classroom for Absence Make Up Assignments and various written assignments. I will be using Google Classroom for most assignments and messaging.      

    □  PARENTSQUARE sign up for Parent message access


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    GRADING: Percentages that comprise Grade: (see box). Please note that grading is subject to change based on the needs of the class, teacher, school, or other entities that may or may not be known to us at this time. 


    Daily Points (10 points per day):

    5 – Prepared for class - in roll call spot, complete uniform, planner if requested, complete Warm Up

    5 –Participation/Effort in class drills or the main activity

    *Students not wearing proper shoes will not be allowed to participate in class and will earn 0 points for the day.

    *Mile Run and PACER Test days will be double point days (20 points), only 10 of these points may be made up via a Fitness Friday or Absence Make-up Assignment.


    Classroom Assignments & Other Activities – Points will vary per assignment.

    Including, but not limited to:

    • Written (cognitive) Assignments

    • Worksheets

    • Projects

    • Fitness Monitoring

    • Quizzes

    • Google Classroom Assignments

    • Passing Scores based on FitnessGram Standards (Standards are based on gender and age as of March 15, 2024, when we begin the state mandated fitness testing).

    • Improvement on Fitness Tests

    • Individual Fitness Sheets (IFS)


    School -wide scale:





    A- to A+





    B- to B+





    C- to C+





    D-to D+







        • Participation: 

        • All students will participate in PE regardless if they are dressed in athletic wear or not, however

                 students wearing incorrect shoes can not participate and will lose points for the day. 

        • Students can attend the Fitness Friday Make-Up workout sessions to earn back Nonsuit points.

        • Tardy Marks:

        • Students must have a pass from the Main Office or Teacher or Site Supervisor. Unexcused tardies can not use the Locker Room to change into PE clothes.


    • Dressing in the Titan Physical Education Uniform is not part of a student’s grade, it is an EXPECTATION! If a student is not in the appropriate physical education uniform, then they will participate in the activities but will lose 5 out of the 10 possible points for the day due to not being prepared for class.

    • Athletic shoes must be worn during physical activity. Please consider the safety and support of the student’s feet, ankles, and body during exercise and movement.

    • Crocs, slides, flip-flops, slippers, boots, heals, platforms, Yeezy shoes, or other shoes of this sort are not athletic wear, are not acceptable wear for PE, and will result in a loss of all physical activity points for 

    • the class day and the student will not be allowed to participate.


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    • Any student who is in danger of failing a course (grade below a “C”) will have parent notification via Powerschool Note. I put notes explaining why the score is not 10/10. 

    • Any student who is a Non-suit for clothes or shoes will be marked as Z for non-suit in Powerschool. 

    • Chronic Non-suits and/or non-athletic shoes will result in an email home or a Parentsquare message. Please make sure I have the email that you check.



      • In the case of an absence, the parent/guardian must email both the teacher and the attendance clerk.

      • Attendance Clerk: hmh_attendance@wccusd.net

      • By completing the google form linked here, your student’s absence will be recorded with the attendance clerk: tinyurl.com/yrkfn3kh

      • Parents/Guardians/Students  need to call the Main Office and email the teachers for make up work. 

      • PE make up work will be assigned in Google Classroom.  

      • Suspension absences will not be given make up work.  

      •  In the event of “special circumstances,” individual consideration, exceptions, and/or arrangements may be made with the teacher. 


      • A parent note is good for 1-3 days and must specify the length of time or will be considered an excuse

      • for 1 day only. Anything beyond three (3) class days requires a doctor’s note.

      • The note is due the day of non-participation and should be emailed or given to the teacher prior to the start of the class session.


      □ Late assignments will have this Due Date: 1 week before the end of the current quarter.    



           □     Absence Make - Up work will be assigned on Google Classroom.

           □     FITNESS FRIDAY! - Students who lose points due to not being dressed appropriately for PE, may attend a

                  make-up session on Fridays after school from 2:45-3:15 PM. Late students will not be allowed to participate.

    - A student may make up a maximum of 10 points (2 non-suit days @ 5 points each, 1 non-shoe day @

      10 points, or 1 absence @ 10 points) in one after-school session. 

    - Students must dress appropriately in their PE uniform.

    - The student must be on time and prepared, stay for the entire 30 minutes, and complete the workout

       as instructed by a PE teacher (it may or may not be the student’s actual PE teacher but any of the PE

       teachers conducting the workout).

           □     MAKE-UP MONDAYS will be hosted on designated Mondays for students to make-up any missed fitness

                  tests for the given quarter. Students must report to the gym by 2:45 PM.

           □     Extended absences need an Independent Study Contract from the Office and will have Google Classroom    

                  assignments and physical activity assignments.  

           □     Incomplete running/stretches/workout/activity can NOT be made up.


    CLASS RULES: In addition to the school rules/norms stated in the student planner and handbook, the following

    rules also apply:



    RESPECT yourself, others, and all property and equipment!

    Take RESPONSIBILITY for ALL of your actions and words!

    Titan Values – Be KIND, Be RESPONSIBLE, Be SAFE!

    • BE KIND to yourself!

    • BE KIND to others!

    • RESPECT all property and equipment!

    • Take RESPONSIBILITY for ALL of your actions and words! INTEGRITY in everything!


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    • No food/candy. 

    • No playing around. 

    • No Cell phones out in the Locker Room or Class time. 

    • Do not use the bathrooms for changing into or out of PE clothes.

    • All cell phones, Airpods, will be left in the backpack and left in the Locker room.

    • Any teacher or staff on campus may request any student to turn over a cell phone if it is seen during class time or in the Locker Room.

    • PERSONAL EQUIPMENT and/or TOYS (Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Baseball Bats, Etc.)

    ∙ Please do NOT bring personal equipment and/or toys (basketballs, soccer balls, bats, etc.) to class. 

    ∙ Personal equipment often presents a safety hazard to others. 

    ∙ Personal equipment will be held in my office OR by any PE teacher in their office.



    • Students who are tardy to class may not enter the locker rooms at the beginning of the class period;they must wait for a teacher to open the side doors of the gym nearest the blue top.

    • At the end of the class period, after changing into their regular school clothes, students are to wait

    inside the locker rooms, and exit through the back doors when the bell rings or are instructed to do so.

    • Students are not allowed to exit back through the gym.



    If behavior warrants, a teacher supervised lunch detention may be assigned. 

    •  The student will be given the option to complete the detention the day assigned or the following day. Students are welcome to get their lunch first and then bring it with them to the Gym. An email from the teacher will be sent.  A referral to the administration may be given if the behavior is persistent and/or severe.

    Additional journaling and behavior goals may be used to  supplement reflection during detention.



    o Generally speaking, the restrooms in the gym are open at the beginning of the class period and

    should be used during the 5-minute dressing time.

    o Students are to ask permission from their teacher to use the restroom and use the designated pass.

    o Observe the 10-10 rule (school-wide policy), except when in the gym at the beginning of the class period.

    • 3 people maximum inside the restroom,If there are more than 3 people, the line forms outside the restroom in the gym.

    o Restrooms are not used for changing in or out of the students PE uniform and/or clothing.

    o Fragrance (perfume) sprays, deodorant sprays, lotions, and ointments are not allowed anywhere in

    the locker rooms, restrooms, or gym areas. We have several students with severe allergies and

    who get migraines from such fragrances. Lotions and ointments also create a slipping hazard when

    they spill on the floor. Using lotions and ointments often cause students to be late out of the locker room. 

    o Food, gum, and beverages besides water are not allowed in the locker rooms, gym, restrooms, or

    any PE area. Your student can not leave unfinished coffee/tea/boba drinks in the Locker Rooms.



    Any student who is in danger of failing a course (grade below a “C”) will have parent notification via the

    progress reports (school-wide policy). The parent and student are responsible for checking in both Google

    Classroom and PowerSchool on a regular basis for grade updates.



    ParentSquare will be used for mass communications from the teacher to student families. Please make sure

    to create an account and download the app to receive these messages.

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    Email is the BEST way to contact me because my office phone is in my office and I don’t have access to your calls

    while I am teaching. My cell phone is always on hand.



    The syllabus is a living-document and may be altered throughout the year. We will all do our best to stick to

    what is stated, but know that we all must have some flexibility due to unforeseen circumstances or issues that

    may arise at any point during the school year.


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    Hercules Middle High School

    Course Syllabus

    Physical Education, Grade 7



    TEACHER: Ms. Barrett

    COURSE: Physical Education












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    TEACHER: Ms. Barrett

    COURSE: Physical Education


    I have read the Physical Education Course Syllabus and Grading Rubric.  I have reviewed the syllabus with my

    student.  We agree to abide by the standards and procedures set forth to the best of our ability.  

    STUDENT NAME (please print):



    PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME (please print):









    PARENT/GUARDIAN E-MAIL: (the email you will check :)


    Please list any important information that the teacher should know about your child and their relationship with

    physical movement(takes asthma medication, allergies to bee stings, physical impairments, mental impairments,

    learning disabilities, extracurricular physical activities, etc.)



    Does your student need scholarship assistance for a PE lock?                   Yes or No

    Does your student need scholarship assistance for PE uniform?               Yes or No