Ms. Chelsea Colliver -

    6th & 8th Grade Physical Education     

    Welcome to Hercules Middle School Physical Education, where I have been a part of the Hercules family since 2006.  I began my teaching career in the West Contra Costa Unified School district in 2001 at Portola Middle School (now Korematsu), taught three years at Helms Middle School, and have been at Hercules since.  At Hercules Middle School, I have been the Physical Education Department Head for the past 10 years and strive to have a high quality program.  As department head, I am also part of the school's Instructional Leadership Team.

    As a Physical Education teacher, I strive to offer a high-quality program to our students.  My program is very structured yet allows the students to be leaders in the class.  We participate in a number of activities that build on individual health and fitness, basic movement skills needed for numerous sports and activities, cooperative games and activities, and are infusing more common core curriculum.  I focus a great deal on individual fitness and promote individual improvement through our weekly fitness testing.  Each student will monitor his/her fitness testing scores on an individual fitness sheet.  It is our goal to see growth in each child's fitness throughout the course of the year.  Our seventh grade students will complete the state-mandated physical fitness testing in March 2020, which will be reported to the district and state.

    I look forward to a great school year full of fun and activity.  Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions tab for more information about our Physical Education class.  If you should need to contact me, please email ccolliver@wccusd.net.



    **Parents, please EMAIL if you have questions and/or concerns.  Please allow up to 2 school days for a response. Thank you in advance for your understanding.



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