SAF - Student Activities Fund

  • SAF is the school fundraising umbrella non- profit corporation to support athletics, performing & visual Arts, teacher Resources, academic support & other student activities. The board manages a general fund, the SAF direct appeal and activity grant process, and provides non-profit status (to encourage tax deductible contributions) and general liability insurance coverage to sponsored group committees (SGCs) allowing focused fundraising throughout campus.

    Who are we? Our board is made up of volunteer parents and staff . Our SGCs are made up of parents, community members, staff, teachers, coaches and interested students. Through all our efforts we raise over $100,000 annually.

    What do we do? We raise funds through direct appeal, community solicitation and sponsorships, fundraising activities . We spend those funds in a variety of ways: SGCs can have detailed annual budgets so that each year the group is fundraising to replenish its expenditures, allowing groups to have needed funds at the start of the school year or season. We can have strategic initiatives with a specific review time for expenditures , or a grant process for the community and staff to request one-time funding.


    Grad Night Packet includes The Event incentive program

    Grad Night Packet (spanish) includes The Event incentive program



    Who are our SGCs?

    • Alumni & Scholarship Fund – Alumni outreach with fundraising events to provide college scholarships for new graduates. 
    • Archiving Project – Donations help fund preservation of school memorabilia and history.
    • Boys’ Soccer –  Donations help fund frosh team, coaching, uniforms and equipment.
    • Cross Country –Staff and parent collaboration to provide  supplies, tournament fees, program support for team.
    • Forensics – Donations directly pay for debate and speech team coaching, tournament scholarship, supplies.
    • Friends of Baseball – Donations help fund coaching, supplies, field maintenance support
    • Friends of Girls’ Soccer – Outreach to supporters to fund coaching fees, uniforms and equipment.
    • Friends of El Cerrito Music – Staff and parent collaboration to provide sheet music, competition scholarships, supplies, instrument repair.
    • Grad Night – Senior Parent effort (formerly Casino Night, more recently The Event) to fund a safe and sober graduation celebration.
    • Investing in Academic Excellence – Focused community fundraiser outreach to strengthen core academic programs in three broad areas: Academic Rigor, Teacher & Staff Excellence and Student Enrichment.
    • James Morehouse Project – Accepts donations to the school health center that provides supportive counseling, academic advising and support.
    • Mountain Biking – Donations help fund team expenses including bikes, coaching expenses, race entry fees, team scholarships and training supplies.

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    Thank you for your generous support of Gaucho excellence!

    Cathy Garza
    2015-16 SAF Board President
    PO Box 2376
    El Cerrito, CA 94530